08 September 2015

September 6//BABO Café hopping

I can't clearly remember that very first time when i started being a cafe enthusiast. Back then, it was always only about the menu or kinds of dishes that the cafes offer which led me to check them out, or in other words, I came there only to satisfy my tongue and stomach. 

However, now is different. It's not only about the stomach issue that matters. That feeling of convenience and acceptance during the time spent while living in the moment also take (quite) a big place in my mind and heart. Of course, I'm not putting aside the important role of taste! It's definitely still at the peak of the conditions chart. 

I'm sure you have fully understood the term 'convenience' that I pointed out above so I won't explain it further. Rather, I would love to explain the 'acceptance' part. What i mean with acceptance above is, that feeling of being accepted by the place that we're going (yup, the cafe itself). Just like coming to a close friend's/relative's house where they just don't mind you exploring every corner of their house (or even it might be possible for them to proudly guide you in exploring their cribs too, lol), snapping and posing with their amusing fancy furnitures with no worries, spending long time admiring the subtle interior and exterior design.. or, in my case, doing a stack of translation work for hours in serene, without any disturbance, at all. Such feelings are what I experienced at BABO Café on my last last last Sunday! Lol.

BABO Café's signature rattan chair <3
This wonderful space is located at: Johar Nurhadi street, Kotabaru, Yogyakarta (behind Bethesda Hospital). 

This place is truly a gem in the heart of Yogyakarta. Unlike any other part of the city that is always packed with  the overflowing motorbikes and cars, Babo located in a very peaceful and calming neighborhood that consistently made me fall in love with the vibe during every second of my presence here. Only a few number of vehicles passing through the street in front of this cafe. What a rare atmosphere, thought i wasn't in Yogyakarta for a moment...

Let's sneak inside the cafe, let me show you guys what my bestie and I got for brunch ;)

 Pardon my face... Just intended to look cool, turned out I even myself wanna slap  myself too. Lol.

So, here they are... BABO Café tropical fruits festivities!! ;) 
Bestie ordered Pina Coconato (that pineapple one. It consists of coconut ice cream, young coconut's flesh and jackfruit slices! ) and umm i forgot the drink she ordered tho, lol. A juice? Milkshake? Ah I simply can't remember, too bad sorry.. xD 
As for me, I ordered mango sticky rice! ;) so fresh, so yummy.. Accompanied with a glassful of strawberry mojito! We're feeling so tropically refreshed back then <3 yeay! 

Let me introduce you, my weekend darling: Ana! ;) i usually call her "Miss Ana" tho. No specific meaning, just for fun lol! We've known each other ever since junior high.
So, see you guys again on the next post! I'm thinking to write about another cafe that I found worth a visit too. So... Just wait for it okay! I hope you're all doing well, living every of your day in good high hopes, enjoying the time of your life, and listening to good musics! <3

Anyway, I'm writing this blog post via blogger app for iPhone. I don't know how this will appear in the desktop version yet tho. However, I found this app very helpful at eradicating my tendency to procrastinate posting something on Morning Hope! Yes, I do hang a high hope for posting anything regularly again just like those good old days, by downloading this app ;)  *fingercrossed* I'm even writing this at airport lounge, waiting to get on board in few minutes!! 

Well well well, see you guys again! I'll be flying to Jakarta in a bit, so... Good night, beautiful souls! 


Your always so clumsy Shabrina

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