15 September 2018

Day Trip to Atami, a Retro Seaside City just Southwest of Tokyo!

"Retro color over salt water"

When: August 5th, 2018

Yep, that was sort of my mantra slash mental state when I went to a seaside city yet didn't feel like bathing in the sea. 

And this had happened two times in a row. Just right a day before I went to Atami, I also went to an area called Kujukuri, another seaside town located in Chiba Prefecture for a 2 days & 1 night seminar camp along with my academic advisor and seminar friends. Some friends proceeded going to the beach after we were done with our research presentations on the last day and yours truly, with no doubt, chose to go back to Tokyo and leaving behind one of the most wanted summer activities; bathed in (flaming hot) summer sunshine and getting soaked in saltwater. Don't get me wrong. It's not that I hate beach/sea... I love playing at the beach, but apparently the longing for a "vitamin sea" mood isn't there this time around or to say it precisely, summer this year.

Alright my friends, moving on to Atami.... *sorry, for the lengthy intro, but I always love having it as a background story, so...*

Even though I'm not in the mood for a day at the beach, I can never say no to a good slow stroll in a city neighboring the beach. And this time, I got to travel with my best friend Hitomi!

Love you, Hitomi! ❤️ Here's to more traveling together. Thank you for always being a good sport, if not the best.

Upon my visit to Atami with  Hitomi, I came to a conclusion that Atami is truly such a heaven for those who are into

♨️ hot springs (onsen): This one goes without saying actually. Most online contents will tell you about this anyway. Ahem, calling out all fellow thermalists out there ๐Ÿ—ฃ who loves dipping in public hot baths as much as I do? But unfortunately Hitomi and I didn't make even a single stop to any onsen in Atami. We started our journey quite late on that day, so we got no enough time for that.

๐Ÿ› Museum hopping: If you're the one who loves to spend hours in museums and wander around one exhibition room to another, immersing in the exhibits or the museum architecture itself, then you better include MOA Museum of Art to your Atami itinerary! I plan to write a lil bit more about MOA  on a separate blog post just because I need more room to express my takes and thoughts on this majestic looking museum with a very fascinating ocean view. So my friends, stay tuned! ๐Ÿ˜‰

A vast view of Sagami-nada Sea

I'm so keen to talk about this captivating hall inside the building, on the said separate post of course.

๐Ÿ“บ Showa period aesthetics: mostly appeared in cafes along the shopping arcade. But the whole townscape basically shows a strong atmosphere of Showa aesthetics though. Those Showa retro color schemes, my friends, they're everywhere on every corner, oh my God!! If you have no idea what I'm writing about, you can probably go to pinterest and enter the key word "showa aesthetics". If you happen to get into it right away, then we probably speak the same lingo! If that's not your cup of tea, it's totally fineee, let's talk about something else ๐Ÿ˜‰

I guess it's so easy to spot this kind of situation all over Japan, without having to go to Atami.
But for me, the fact that every corner in Atami is bathed in color-blocking aesthetics is something that I can't help but feeling so happy when I was at this place! Anyway, I'm curious to know, what kind of visuals you love seeing on daily basis or when you're on a trip?

๐ŸŽ‡๐ŸŽ† Firework: Atami hosts a  regular firework festival throughout the year ! As some of you might have known, firework festivals are commonly held during summer in Japan with July to August serving as the peak season for the event. But not for Atami, the festival is held regardless of the season. I found a page explaining quite well and briefly about the event that you could check it out here if you're interested. I'm sorry for I didn't take a single pic of the firework, but this picture below shows you the place of the event.

๐Ÿฎ puddings: yep. Any serious pudding aficionados here? "Atami Pudding" or in Japanese it is pronounced as "Atami Purin" might sound a decent reason to visit this seaside city and grab yourself some of their signature puddings. This sounds silly, but... Atami Pudding seemed like one of the real deals or better-to-put-it-in-your-itinerary kind of thing when visiting this city, especially if you're a sweet tooth or just one that simply appreciate local delicacies. We saw so many people were lining for this Atami Pudding but we didn't give it a try just because... we're not into puddings that much. Unfortunately I don't have any pic showing you the real situation above. Oh, and I just found this page that gives a quite elaborate explanation about the pudding and now I kind of regretting why I didn't try this smooth and creamy dessert!

Onsen symbol inspired Atami Purin brand logo is just so cuteee!
Well, the shop's theme itself is a sento or Japanese communal bath house inspired. They really went into legit detail that every ornament and knickknacks inside the shop are so 'sento'-like. Will definitely be a super cute stop for your Atami stroll.

So, yeah! That was my version of Atami sum-up! I hope you can get even if it's only the slightest hint of what Atami is about from a short getaway of ours. Hitomi and I were actually at the city for maybe not more than 6 hours. I know that was a super short one but was certainly a good time. But still, I crave some more that I already promised myself to go back and explore deeper and farther of the area and on top of everything, to give more time for the onsen♨️ and their authentic Showa period cafes!  Ahh, I cannot wait to realize it!

Oh, and before I end this blog post, here are a few pictures (well, only two actually) showing what we ate at Atami! Well, we didn't eat that much that day, but lucky enough that later we found out, what we had were among the top of the Atami delicacy list! Yumm!

This cheese filled fish cake is definitely my favorite! Atami is famous for its marine products hence I'm sure that the fish used for this yummy street food is fresh and of good quality! I guess it was 400 yen as I tried to recall.

The Studio Ghibli-ish bakery where I had my lunch and Hitomi had this yummy hojicha shaved ice below.
I forgot the name of this bakery but it is so noticeable once you walk down the Atami Nakamise shopping arcade ๐Ÿ˜‰

Also, it was right in the middle of scorching hot summer in August, and shaved ice was no joke, a season staple. 

Well well, I guess I'm going to end this post here. Thank you for taking your time to read it and I hope you enjoy the pics and find the trip inspiring for your upcoming travel! I'll surely be back for more stories of places or events I went to. See ya! ๐Ÿ‘‹



23 June 2018

Awaji Island // Some Snaps

Finally, a short getaway to Awaji Island.
Here are some pics of me, taken by Rosa my travel companion for this trip.

Day 1 at TOTO Seawind by Tadao Ando

Gazing out to the beautifully overcast ocean view

Nonstop snapping as per usual. Got awed by the structure of the hotel. 
No, we didn't stay here. How we wished.

 Day 2 at Awaji Yumebutai by Tadao Ando

It was super hot out here

That's that! A Tada Ando architectures trip is what we were at. 
I haven't transferred the photos I took from my camera to my laptop, so I guess these are all for now!

So, hope to catch you all again once I'm back updating this blog <3

Pssst, anyway, I've successfully landed myself on a job at an entertainment company.
After all, life after graduation isn't that scary anymore as I already know what I'm gonna do with my life after I leave school.
What made it scary was that back then, I didn't know what life had in store thus I was constantly drawn in anxiety and nonstop wondering about what the future holds.

But now, I'm so ready for the next challenge, for the next big step in life.

I really hope everything is good on your side too. From the bottom of my heart.



02 April 2018





"HALLUCINATING" is the first song of her that I listened to. 
Check out the vclip on Youtube and I guarantee, you'll love it right away.


The polkadot one is my current favorite wrapped top.
Possibly my season's fave throughout 2018 S/S!


lol whaaat they still look messy! I thought I arranged them? hahaha ๐Ÿง gotta redo it. 

How's your April 2nd rolling?
Hope it's not an upsetting one ๐Ÿ˜‰

I supposed to go for a hanami ๐ŸŒธ and shopping trip with my best friend Afrin today,
but unfortunately I had no choice but to cancel it. Got so  many deadlines to deal with this week.... so that's why.

Anyways, I'm so sorry for not being able to write a more elaborated content this time around. Tho actually I have quite many post-worthy materials from my trips outside Tokyo within this several months.  Well, if it's not this time,  I'll definitely be back with those stories later on. For now,  I'm super glad that I am back posting again!

I'll be right back, hopefully soon! xx,


31 March 2018




Also, I just had my hair chopped! ๐Ÿ’‡๐Ÿป‍♀️
Hmm not really recently, perhaps three weeks ago?
What do you think??? *anyone subscribed to Simply Nail Logical? This gotta be our inside joke instantly if your did subscribe to her*

Welcome to the particular corner in  my new room (look at those at my back) that I haven't had the chance to make it look chic.
I want a longer spring holidaaaay so that I can balance the job hunting and room decorating business.

Anyway, I just got back from a hanami today ๐ŸŒธ 

Pics taken today (March 31)

Ah, and speaking of job hunting...

My job hunting look, everybody! I'm twinning with the rest of job hunters in Japan. Lol 
Recruitment suit life :p

Also, that is my apartment area at the background. I loveeee how strong the shabby chic vibes my apartment has to spoil me! Hashtag happy.... ๐Ÿ˜Š 

Well, that's all for now. Gotta sleep super soon, because I'm having a job interview tomorrow.
I'll do my best! ❤️

See ya!



01 January 2018

What Happened in 2017? Let Me Reminisce!

Happy New Year! How's your first day of 2018 going so far? 2018 hasn't gone far at all, we all knew it has just started. But I'm pretty keen to know what you did in this year's first hours? ☺️ If you're not too shy to share it, you may write it on the comment box! Feel free to write it as long as you want, I'll diligently read it, I promise ๐Ÿ˜…☺️

As for me, I went to see the first sunrise of the year, just like what I did last year (link to 2017 New Year celebration, here). But this time was at a different kind of place! Last year was at a slope in Harajuku, and this year was at a park near uni! Probably just 10 minutes walk from my dorm.

Musashino Mori Park

Left to right: My Indian bestie Afrin, My Turkmenistan bestie Jennet, and yours truly ☺️๐Ÿ˜‰

This sun-rise viewing thing has been in my new year must-do-thing list ever since I started living in Japan. If you've been reading this blog from quite the earlier years, you'd know that 2014 was the outset of this tradition to begin rooted in my life. Yet, I don't know if I'd still continue doing this, if one day, I ever leave Japan to move to another country. We'll see....

I still have some other shots from today that I plan to feature on the blog later, hehehe. For the special post about catching 2018's first sunrise to be exact. Wait okaay! ❤️๐Ÿ™๐Ÿป

Alright, let's jump right to what happened in my life in 2017! Woohoo!

- Let's start with the failures of the year! -

Hahaha yes, I'd love to start it with the tough ones being the first, okay? Just because... I need myself a fair shot of  life as a whole, with its ups and downs, with what worked and what didn't/haven't, with what made  me smile from ear to ear and what made me frown for days (usually they lasted not more than 3 days tho! hahaha).... I'm so gonna share them now! ๐Ÿ˜‰

 I guess I dealt with three major failures this year. I believe there are more than three failures if I break them down into details by digging into daily-weekly-monthly goals. But no, we're not going there this time. RIP my fingers then, hahaha.

The first and second failure are of the same category: 
Failed at making it to a fully funded international conference and summer school organized by the same foundation. I took the application processes very seriously. I shed my energy and mind, trying to write something as appealing as possible, but of course still tried to make everything as genuine as possible. You know, I wanted these opportunities so bad because I knew how they could have been such great events for me to foster my self-presentation ability in the global/international contexts. 

I always found myself hungry for such kind of experiences! In such events, you will usually able to meet a bunch of inspiring people, yet at the same time, you'll be able to meet another side of you that you might never know/realize before; such as the braver you in pitching ideas in front of people that are probably greater than you in terms of knowledge, experiences and whatnot.

But yeah, the ideas that I offered during the application processes, and self-experiences that I tried to sell were maybe still far from what the organizers expected. Or maybe I was just unlucky this time. Or again, maybe, my time just hasn't come yet. Too many maybes, because they didn't really tell why I failed. But one thing that I'm 100% sure is that, the competitions in order to make it to big international events of such kinds are extremely tight and fierce. Everyone tried their best, not just me. I was actually competing for something really big, with all the excellent competitors out there that I barely know how excellent they actually are. But I'm happy because even though I failed at them, I had given myself another chance to try.

I even got to try for the second time after the first failure. No room for trauma, no. I had always thought that I wouldn't be able to start all over again to the (almost) exact same battle once I was defeated. But I was totally wrong... I fought back, with the same amount of optimism and burning energy as the first one. 

Even though the second result was a failure once again, at this point, I'm still eager beyond reason to challenge myself to go to the same battle yet again! I won't stop until I manage to get them. I promise to myself. All of these failures have taught me resilience and a handful of knowledge about just how tough this world is. At least, the kind of world that I've been dreaming of. I'm struggling for something big, and I've been so proud about this fact ever since the beginning. 

"To continue enjoying each and every struggle", I guess, is my 2018 motto. You know, optimism is probably the best gift that I can ever give to myself. Not just about optimism in facing what's coming next, but also optimism towards failures. That every failure has their own meaning. And now, I've come to an understanding, that we might find out the meanings in a shorter or maybe longer time after the failures occur. But for sure, those meanings will emerge just at the right time. 

Alright, moving on...

The Third Failure:
The third failure is actually about how loose my time management was in the last quarter of 2017. I didn't really stick to the timeline that I made. This mainly about my research timeline. Everything went normal and well actually. Nothing disastrous I could say. But I failed at realizing one last thing that I had set to conduct in December: an interview with the next potential respondent. 

Well, I hate to say irresponsible remark like this, but, December has always been in that kind of year-end holiday season vibe or mood... that apparently had made me unable to behave academically relevant. And now I'm 30% upset about this. Hahaha. 

With that time management failure being mentioned above, I'll strive for a better time management this year. Behaving academically relevant to my research timeline is my concrete goal. Because... I'm planning to debut myself at a symposium/s this year *fingers-crossed๐Ÿคž*. I really need to speed up my data collection process as well as the analysis. Also, I have to do everything well and firmly reasoned so that when those faith-shaking remarks from my advisor strike, I could debate her and make sure that my logic win hahaha. ๐Ÿ˜†๐Ÿคž 

So yeah, cheers to an academically productive 2018, Shab! At least I have what it takes to conducting a research, that is, "loving the subject". Because keep coming back to something that you don't love is such a pain in the ass. And in conducting research, you basically keep coming back to that one particular topic over and over again. So the key point here is to make sure that I'll keep coming back to what  I love doing. Hehe.


Omg, it's 23:34 already. I guess I need to stop here. I can actually just continue this post but, I really need to sleep asap because I have an appointment tomorrow. I'm going to meet my high school friends and about to hang out to some fun places in Tokyo! I'll get back to this blog super soon to finish this post.... on the 2nd part!

Well, I hope you tons of good lucks this year! Keep being you! 
You do you, I do me, and we're a happy family! ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜†
This is a repetitive thing, but I wish I can be more productive in this platform just like those good old days! 
*the last finger-crossing๐Ÿคž*



29 October 2017

Nakazaki-cho, Osaka's Youth Sub-culture Hub // Thru Disposable Camera

Hi, folks! I haven't really shared in my blog about what I did last summer holiday (mid July to early Oct!). I guess this roll from Nakazaki-cho stroll is going to be the first one to sit on the blog from the summer holiday serries, having its story to get revealed, briefly. Yes, briefly, because I'm planning to share a more detailed story later on, focusing on pictures I took from my canon camera. There are tons in it!

Moving on to what Nakazaki-cho neighborhood is all about, it's kind of similar to what Shimokitazawa or Koenji to Tokyo. If you love those two Tokyo's hipster neighborhoods, then I bet, you'll fall in love with Nakazaki-cho in no time as soon as you step your feet on its artsy alley. Because that's simply what happened to me!

(A very kind auntie from Nagoya offered me to take a picture of myself in front of this shop. Of course your girl can never say no to a picture offer :p)

Alright you guys, without further ado, here I present to you some Nakazaki-cho snaps thru the disposable camera :>

Below are my top 4 favorites from the roll! ๐Ÿ’›


My niche (1)

The highlight is so freakin' blinding I know, but I couldn't love this picture more! 
It was such a lovely sunny day indeed. Ahh, I miss summer (holiday)!

My niche (2)

Neighborhood's famous organic granola shop

Haha I didn't realize that there was someone standing there

Bonus Pictures from the Roll:
Osaka Kuromon Market and Its Surrounding 

I have a major thing with markets, meat stalls and things of such sort! I'm so glad that this picture that I took at a random ready-to-eat seafood stall turned out just as how I wanted it to be!

At a juice bar

Guys, this is Sabilla, my high school mate! <3 I stayed a night at her place in Osaka. It was such a nostalgic reunion. Sabilla was also the one who took me to Kuromon market, introducing me to bunches of yummy titbits! Ahh, miss you bb! 

Alleyway just outside the market

Not particularly favoriting this picture. The grain in it is just not that kind of grain that I like (?) plus, it's waaaay too dark. Don't hurt your eyes for staring it too long, hehe.

This one? my favorite from the Kuromon market bunch!

Another extra from the roll:
Bakery hopping in Wakayama

Some failures:

Inside Nakazaki-cho Station. Turned out lookin' so horror, lol. But trust me, inside is such an eye-catching turquoise-tiled corridor situation. Good thing is, I shot a better version of Nakazaki-cho Station's interior on my canon. Can't wait to share it later on!

Aaaannnd this is the end of my disposable camera journey in Osaka! Apology for a super anti-climax feeling of this post. The thing is, I just developed the pictures from the camera earlier this evening, saw the results, got excited and ended up with "I gotta put these on the blog as soon as I got home!". And here it is, a new post on the blog, after ages of hiatus.

But still, I hope you enjoy this one random post. At this point, I'm sort of tempted in getting myself a film camera. What do you thing? Would love to hear something regarding on film camera, what's your verdict on it? Please please kindly share it on the comment box, will much appreciate it! <3

Sooo, I'll see you on the post, (hopefully) soon!
It's Monday again tomorrow, be readyyyy :>



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