Shirakawa-go // It's a creamy world after all

January 24th-25th, 2017

Shirakawa-go, Ono-District, Gifu Prefecture, Japan.

Hey, y'all! I finally made it to one of Japan's snowiest area, Shirakawa-go! Or the dreamy "winter wonderland" that lots of people would love to refer to it as. We came here just right at the best timing ever, as it was the last week of January and the snow was falling so intense. Because you know, a heavy snowfall is what makes Shirakawa-go, a Shirakawa-go!
January is the peak of intense snowfall in Shirakawa-go, woohoo!!
Anyway, the snow here in Shirakawa-go is just sooo creamyyy! I still remember how soft it felt when it was continuously falling onto my face, and also when I dared myself to step on the super thick snow pile as seen on the gif. pic above, lol. Fact: I was kind of afraid at that time, thinking that I might  fall into a hole and end up in sewer. I worry much at times, please bear with me for this.

Haha, so clumsyyy

Shirakawa-go is the third place for me to experience Japan'…