22 September 2013

Kyoto Day 1

Finally here comes the post of my Kansai Trip.
So, as the starter, here for you Kyoto Day 1 ! <3 

After sitting in the night bus for about 7 hours from Yokohama to Kyoto, finally En, Cho, Maru and I arrived safe and sound in Kyoto. It was still quite early in the morning when we stepped our feet on Kyoto's street for the first time. We proceeded to walk down the street with big backpacks attached on our backs, and just like new comers, we didn't know how to reach the station since we found no map in our surroundings. And yes, asking someone will always be the ultimate survival weapon in terms of everything including travelling ! We asked a man who was cleaning up the street, he then explained the way to the station and voila, we arrived at the destination not so long after.

The first essential thing we were looking for was that lockers. Yeah, we didn't want to walk all day long with big, heavy carriers so we left our things in the lockers after inserting four coins of 100 Yen for a locker. The next essential thing was breakfast ! We had our breakfast in a convenience store about five minutes walked across the station. Yes, that's the simplest and the quickest way to fulfill our hunger in such early morning while all the restaurants had not yet opened.

Kyoto Tower in the morning

 Kyoto City Bus One-Day Pass. We bought this useful pass as we arrived at Kyoto Station through the ticket vending machine for 500 Yen. Why we bought this pass ? because based on our first day's itinerary, we needed to take buses several times from one place to another. So with this pass despite how many times we had to  take buses, we only paid for 500 Yen on the first place. If in your itinerary you need to take buses for more than thrice, I recommend you to take this pass because you won't spend so much money on bus expenditure. Instead, you can save up for the other things like entrance fees in some temples.

First Visit: Higashi and Nishi Honganji Temple

Higashi Honganji Temple

By the time we went to Higashi Honganji Temple, we didn't spend a long time there since some of the buildings in the inner area were still under construction. Now, let's head to the other one, the Nishi Honganji ;)

Nishi Honganji Temple

I still don't understand why in the pamphlet they wrote "Hongwanji" instead of "Honganji" because based on the Kanji that forms the word it should be "ga" and not "wa". If somebody understand about this matter, please please let me know because I'm so curious about it ;)

Higashi Honganji and Nishi Honganji are regarded as two dominant sub-sects of Shin-Buddhism in Japan and abroad. These two temples have more casual names, and are known affectionately in Kyoto as Onissan (for Nishi Honganji, which means Dear Mr. West) and Ohigashisan (for Higashi Honganji, which means Dear Mr. East).
Higashi Honganji was established eleven years after the Nishi one, in 1602 by the Shogun Tokugawa Ieyasu. 

Second Visit: Nishiki Market

Nishiki Market or is also known as Nishiki Ichiba, is a traditional Japanese market in downtown Kyoto. Its catchword is "the Kitchen of Kyoto" !  This market has a long history and the first store in the market was that a fish store opened in 1311. 

Lunch !

Nishiki Tenmangu Shrine
"The Petting Cow". It is said that you will gain success in your study if you pat the cow on its head.

Third Visit: Nijo-Jo/ Nijo Castle

The outter gate of the castle

Hey, do you spot the autumnal tints at the corner of the garden? :)

Nijo-jo, I love this place so much ! I think it is one of my most favorite sight-seeing place in Kyoto. This castle was built in 1626 by the Tokugawa Shogunate.

Fourth Visit: Kinkaku-Ji "Temple of The Golden Pavilion"

Established in 1397 by Ashikaga Yoshimitsu

"Yeah, officially Kyoto !" That was the first thing ever popped in my mind after I reached this amazing Kinkaku-Ji. Probably some people will have some sort of feelings too when they travel to some places. I had been wanting to visit this astonishing temple since so long long time ago, and yeah I finally made it ! This place was just unforgettable. This place is indeed not that big, even some people could finish their sight-seeing here in just 10 minutes, but we did love seeing the golden pavilion as well as its reflection from afar so that, it made us stay here longer than anybody else! haha. The pavilion itself is not opened for public. But I think it doesn't matter because it's much more fun to see its mesmerizing beauty from the distance.


After the hectic morning due to our early arrival, and then continued with the first day's journey which was so full yet undeniably exciting, we finally had our dinner in Kyoto Station. Yes, this "Kyoto Station Dinner Routine" was literary lasting during our days here ! haha :D 

In the train bound for our lodging, I saw for the very first time such a cute priority seat in Kyoto JR train. Moreover it was the longest priority seat I've ever seen ! cool ! :>

It was a very very fun first day aaand I still have a lot more stories and photos to show you guys, so keep updating yourself through this blog ! I hope this post can be your reference for your upcoming Kyoto trip <3 Anyway,if you have any questions or opinions, just drop them in the comment box ! Thank you.

See ya super soon on the next post ! <3



  1. woow great place !!! you make me wanna go to japan hehe


    1. Thanks Sabrina ! Come come :> It's a really interesting country !

  2. you look had so much fun!
    And the pictures are amazing <3
    anw feel free to vicit my blog dear :)


    1. Thank you ! So glad that you like the pics ;)

  3. I like the place..I wish and can visit Japan!!

    Followed!..care to follow back? Thanks!

  4. OMG.. you are so lucky to get there, dear !!
    i wish someday i can holiday there too =D


    1. I do wish you can really come here someday! Thanks for commenting ;)

  5. aiye.... Japan is in my bucket list to visit! beautiful photos guys... I am green in envy!!!
    IG @gracenjio

    1. Yeay ! Hope you can visit here in the near future ;)
      Thanks for dropping by !

  6. absolutely beautiful, clean and magnificent . . . ^_^
    I really like .... <3 <3 :)


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