19 July 2013

Rolling Around Yokohama: Motomachi & Yamate Area

It was a fine Saturday back in May. Found out that we got nothing to do but just lazying in our room, me and maru-chan decided to take a happy evening walk together to Yokohama, a place that knows well how to impress us. This time, we went to areas called Motomachi and Yamate.

Walked for about 10 minutes from Ishikawacho Station until we reached Motomachi


Motomachi Gate

Motomachi is well known as "Motomachi Shopping Street". The street consists of boutiques and shops, and what I love the most is the vintage ambiance that sticks in every corner of it.

We kept on walking along until we reached Yamate area, but before we got there we must conquer a quite long slant way. duh!


Yamate is a very impressive area fulled with strong western influences. There are many historical western buildings in this area as British had ever controlled of Yamate for a while. There are many churches, parks, international schools and even foreigners cemetery. Most people living in Yamate are either very well-off Japanese people or expatriates. 

Yokohama Bay Bridge from a distance

Well see you in the next post! ;)



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