26 October 2013

Kyoto Day 2: Arashiyama

Hello guys ! it's been three weeks since my sneak peek post, I beg your pardon for my absence from this blogsphere *bowing*. College life's getting harder and harder during these past few weeks. Assignments, weekly tests, Indonesian dance practice and sadou (tea ceremony) practice for the upcoming school festival that is scheduled next month. Above all, I'm so excited for everything ! Will show you my dance video later ! xD

Woohoo, still about my Kyoto trip. I hope you guys are still eager enough to read and drool to my summer vacation stories and photos, LOL. Anyway, it's autumn already in Japan. The temperature is getting chiller than before, but sadly along with that, the weather has been a bit terrible since these past few days. According to the news, there will be typhoon coming (again) this weekend. May God bless us as always ! :)

Okay, so let's start this second day journey from the unforgettable Inari Station. This station is located exactly across the famous Fushimi-Inari Shrine of Kyoto. Also, we were blessed enough because our lodging during our stay in Kyoto was just (about) 5 minutes walk from this station ! Oh, and big big thanks to Maru-chan, because she's the one who found the lodging. Yes, she's the best at this kind of thing ! <3

Morning routine: Bought onigiri for the breakfast at the convenience store near the station because our lodging didn't provide breakfast. mehehe.

As written in the title, this second day's journey was towards Arashiyama, one of Kyoto's most popular tourism destination located in the western outskirts of Kyoto. This district has been a popular destination since the Heian Period (794-1185). 

Firstly, we took the JR Nara Line bound for Kyoto Station and transfer to the JR San-In Honsen bound for Sonobe Station. It took about 20 minutes from Inari Station to get to Arashiyama Station. Fyi, we rode the express JR San-In Honsen, not the local one. The total cost from Inari Station to Arashiyama Station was 230 Yen. So cheap right !

Inside the JR San-in Honsen.

Destination 1: Bamboo Grove Road

 Location: around 15 minutes walk from Arashiyama Station. 

Talking about Arashiyama, this bamboo grove road is always be the first thing that pop up in my mind, I don't know why. I was the one who was very keen to visit this place when we Maru made the itinerary. I love how the bamboos, the wind, the walkers and also the classic Japanese cart harmonized beautifully in this long, narrow walking trail. Superb !

Destination 2: Nonomiya Shrine 

An impressive small shrine inside the Bamboo grove road. We can feel the natural and spiritual atmosphere blend simultaneously. Amazing ! 

Destination 3: Tenryuji-Temple

Loving the kanji engraving on the stone. The letter on the left side means "heart" and the one on the right means "wash or cleanse". So it's like literally means "wash your heart here" :D

I wonder how beautiful these tiny maple leaves are now !

That vending machine's wood case really drew my attention. It's not only protecting the machine from the rain, but also makes it unite with the whole wooden atmosphere in its surroundings. :D interesting !

It was the end of September when I came here and this place had got the early autumn vibe already. Lovely !

Tenryuji is one of Kyoto's many UNESCO World Heritage Site. The admission fee is 500 Yen and open from 8:30 a.m - 5:30 p.m. I adore the garden. So beautiful and refreshing !

Destination 4: Strolling around Arashiyama shopping street 

A kitty fan for a kitty big fan !  Look, it's looking so autumn :D

Destination 5: Togetsukyo Bridge

Togetsukyo Bridge (lit. "Moon Crossing Bridge") is said to be Arashiyama's most iconic landmark. It was originally built during the Heian Period (794-1185) and reconstructed in the 1930s. The bridge is looking so gorgeous as it stretches forward towards the forested mountainside. I wish I can visit this place again someday either in spring or autumn. Amen !

Destination 6: Footspa

For the undeniably tiring journey since our unstoppable walk from Arashiyama to the prior 5 destinations, having a stop for a while at this place was the wisest decision ever. We even had a doze while enjoying our feet were getting relax :D
This footspa really completes Arashiyama attractiveness for sure ! It only costed 150 Yen and we also got a free feet towels as the souvenir. 

Now, back to Kyoto Station for Macha Parfait !

What do you think about this Kyoto Day 2 trip ? Please feel free to drop your comments or questions in the comment box ! Till the next post, I wish I can update this blog regularly just like before. Hope you have a great weekend everybody ! 



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