22 June 2013

Visitting Kitty-Chan

I'm a big fan of Hello Kitty since I was a kid, and I guess I have no reason to not fall in love with it :))

As an eternal fans of Hello Kitty, I feel complete now. Finally I got a chance to visit Kitty-Chan and the other Sanrio's characters last Sunday (6/18) at Sanrio Puroland, Tama-Shi, Tokyo with my cute Maru-chan. 

We left our dorm around 10 and arrived at Tama-Center Station around 12:30. 

Actually we could have been arrived in Tama earlier if there were no incident in Odakyu Line, the rain route that we should take from Shonandai Station. That time the Odakyu Line's train was stopped due to  "Jinshin Jiko" (suicidal incident), the very common incident here in Japan that always makes the train stop operating and hundred of people are gonna be in a big trouble called lateness. It was my second time happened to meet such incident (the first one was last month!), the thing that I used to know only from other people story or article on the internet. 

Well, back to Sanrio Puroland, people! 'cuz I'll tell you a bit about it. Sanrio Purolando is an indoor theme park featuring Sanrio characters like Hello Kitty (of course this cute one is the biggest hit), Little Twin Star, My Melody, Batz Batz Maru, Keroppi, and still many more, even the ones that you never see before. I'm sure you know them all or at least you've ever seen them even though you don't know their names hehe. We were sooo lucky last week, since we got ticket discount! It costed JPY3,000,- from the real price of JPY4,400,- for adults. The discount was for the ones who live in Yokohama or commuting students in any Yokohama universities. What a great deal, wasn't it?? I can't be happier!

Okay, now let's sneak into the inner part of this uber cute theme park! ;)

Fanciest rest room ever! We spent long time here just to enjoy the 'vibe' haha

Let's move to the other parts because I've done with the rest room business.. :p

"Jewelpet Dokidoki Magical" Show

Ice cream vending machine

Little Twin Star or Sansan Wawa

The tickets that we submitted at the entrance locket were substituted with these passport cards

Queuing for boat ride :)

"Cheese!" Haha.

"Cinnamon's World Journey" Show

Kitty Choco Cake for lunch :)

"Believe", Puroland's main show. It was awesome! Check it out below :)

Well, time to go home! it's 6 p.m already..

Thank God, the weather was so clear that day. What a complete happiness I had ;)
Yeay, tomorrow is weekend and as usual I've already made a plan to spent my days. I'm going to a place called Ueno, it is a really nice place located in Tokyo btw. I'm sure it's gonna be fun and of course I'll keep you updated about my Ueno trip.

What are you going to do this weekend, anyway? Wishing you a joyful weekend, people ;)



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