11 July 2013

The Captivating Synergies

Just some old photos that I snapped around 3 months ago on my way to the park near my dorm. Roads, building, traffic signs, traffic lights and people are my favorite objects since I don't know when. Seized my camera quickly, unconsciously hit its shutter button with no doubt and drew a big smile on my face every time I saw the results in the LCD. Then I realized that those kinda things are my muse. Seeing how those things blend perfectly together and creating the captivating synergies to one another is really an eyes pleasing scenery.
I love night views, but  not that much or perhaps not yet. But so far, snapping photos during magic hour is still my favorite.

How about you? What kinda photography objects that unconsciously caught your attention? :) Don't be hesitate to drop your thoughts in the comment box! <3



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