20 January 2014

Seijin no Hi // Furisode Galore

Jan 13, 2014

Meiji Jingu Shrine, Harajuku, Tokyo

Last week was "Seijin no Hi" or coming of age day. I decided to see how things felt like on this special day, so I went to Meiji Jingu, a shrine located in Harajuku, Tokyo. In Japan, someone is regarded as an adult when they turn 20. In this special day, all girls will wear a special kind of kimono called "furisode", a long-sleeved kimono that is worn by unmarried woman on ceremonial occasions. 

I went here all alone, because my friends were reluctant to go out that day. They were tired, and so was I actually. But I just couldn't help going out to snap some furisode pictures, so yeah, I finally went out, accompanied by my camera. What a fun "me time", it was.

Seijin no hi usually falls on the second Monday of January. Because of the cold weather during that period, furisode is commonly combined with faux fur on the collar side to keep the one who wears it warm.

You know, I was following this girl in orange furisode below like a freak until eventually I managed to say these words, "may I take a picture of you?" in Japanese. 
It wasn't easy for me to say this at first, and it indeed took a lot of pluck for me to finally did it. I really put effort to gather my courage. Since Japanese are well-known for their shy character, I thought that it won't go smoothly. But then, oolala... to my surprise, it just worked flawlessly. hahah. At the end, I got accustomed to saying it to everyone that I wanted to take the picture of.
anyway, I love this girl's expression. flat but meaningful. you name it.
they're looking so gorgeous from head to toe !
Now, let's sneak into the inner part of the shrine :)

that perfect combination of furisode and faux fur. looking so winter(y) <3

purple furisode, so beautiful !

beautiful patterns and super long sleeves. I just couldn't stop awing at this.
Everyone was so lovely that day. The hairdo, the clutch, the faux fur, the obi, everything ! If I were a Japanese, I could wear furisode and come to seijin shiki ( the celebration of the coming of age day) since I turned 20 too on June, last year.


Haha guess who took this photo ? The mom of the girl next to me took it. They both were so kind. I felt lucky that I also could have a picture of me. mehehe.

Usually, after I finished with photo taking matters, I always said "thank-you" and "congratulations" for officially becoming an adult, in Japanese. It was so much fun and thrilling !

Seijin shiki itself was held in the city hall or hotel ballroom. The participants gathered there and heard to the elderly's speech. Finish with it, they went to shrines or temples to pray for their new life as an adult. So basically there's no special attraction for common people unless seeing girls with beautiful furisode. 

Anyway, these are some pictures of Meiji Jingu itself. It was still in the vibes of new year the time I went here.

 This shrine is located adjacent to Harajuku station, hence it is so easy to find this shrine if you plan to come to Tokyo. Many traditional events are held in here, and this place is free of charge. Even you can see Japanese shinto traditional wedding ceremony too ! I've been here twice and I always managed to see wedding ceremonies, so I think it's not a rare opportunity to see such precious things here. I highly recommend this place ! ;)

Until the next post, guys ! xx



  1. lovely costumes!

  2. Subhanallah ... luar biasa ... !!! Cantik menawan .. :) <3

  3. wow ... very amazing .. !!!
    see immediately all the beautiful .. <3 :)

  4. awesome pictures and trip. I love the kimonos captures. they are too cute ><


  5. these furisodes are so stunning- i love when cultures have these sorts of traditions. you really feel part of a community when you can put on a costume of sorts! and go you for having the courage to ask! when i was in india i'd always turn scarlet as i asked people if i could take their photos- but it always was well worth it in the end :D

    xo marlen

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  6. Nice trip! I haven't got time to visit Japan yet :(
    Loving the pictures xx


  7. Beautiful photos! I really wish I can visit Japan for the new years too. x


  8. That's awesome, Sabi ! I think I remember the first time you went to see this shrine with Maru at the beginning of our semester and we took the train to Tokyo together! So awesome that you could see it when this exciting and beautiful event was taking place :)

  9. japaaan !!

    hey, would you ind to follow each other on gfc or bloglovin? let me know! :)


  10. super cute outfit :D

  11. That girl with orange furisode is so beautiful!!

    Such lovely event

  12. i love that fluffy details on their collars. SO CUTE <3
    and also bright color kimono with floral pattern, so many lovely things in Japan :D
    love this post.

    kindly check out my blog,


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