15 August 2013

Kamakura: Enjoying Delicacies & Hachimangu

So happy to be back again, because I'm bringing you guys some of Kamakura's delicacies ;)
Scroll down, and drool at your own risk !

Big Buddha shaped Manju, 120 Yen each. There are two flavors; custard cream and bean jam. Oishikatta :> 

 Pumpkin cake (Kamakura Kabocha Kintsuba), 180 Yen/block. There are 7 variants of flavors, and we tried the original one, and it was so yummy! It's not difficult to find this pumpkin cake shop, because there are several shops located by the road sides of Kamakura. They are sold in quite small shops, so you better set your sight carefully to be able to find one. I found this shop on the way to Hasedera.

Finish with the snacks, now we headed to grab something yummy to satisfy our hungry tummy :>

We're in Komachi-dori now. We took train from Hase station to Kamakura station and walked about 5 minutes till we found this small restaurant that served various variants of oishii noodle and mouth watering desserts.

 Maru-chan's choice

My choice. Chilled green soba for the 37 degrees of Kamakura's heat. Good deal, no?

Mikako's choice 

 Matcha Kakigoori (Green tea shaved ice) served with azuki beans and... gosh, i forgot the names of those two cute chewy white balls, sorry!

and, we also ordered this one..

Gochisousamadeshita, they were all delicious ! xx
Now, let's proceed to Hachimangu :)

Looking radiantly stunning in vermillion, here it is the beautiful Hachimangu shrine or Tsurugaoka Hachimangu in complete. It is a shrine that was built to honor Hachiman, the Japanese syncretic God of Archery and War, resulted from the incorporating elements of both Shinto and Buddhism. Hachiman is regarded as the protector of Japan and the Japanese people. Therefore, Imperial house and Samurai worship him.

The shrine itself is located at the geographical and cutural center of the city of Kamakura. Founded by Yoritomo Minamoto (1147-1199) in 1180, Kamakura's Hachimangu shrine lies on an area of approximately 80,000 square meters. It is one of the three largest Hachimangu in Japan, drawing roughly 10 million visitors every year. 

We arrived at Hachimangu around 3 p.m, and starting from that day, August 6th until 9th, there would be Bonbori Matsuri, the festival of hand-drawn paper lanterns. Hundreds of the beautifully drawn paper lanterns were set up on the land along the entrance pathway of Hachimangu until the main shrine area.

The lanterns in Bonbori festival were submitted by various artist, novelists and famous people.

People were standing along the pathway, ready to watch the ceremony that would be held at the "Maiden" or ritual dance stage. But I'm so sorry that I can't give you the exact information about the ceremony that was held that day. But likely it was some kind of opening ceremony for Bonbori Matsuri.

It was my very first time to see such ceremony directly. I was totally mesmerized by all the stuffs used during the ceremony, the people who conducted it, the beautiful dancing, the music, the calming atmosphere when there were so many people there but nobody made a single noise. All we heard were just the instrumental sound and the priest's voice reading something while holding a sheet of paper-roll, kind of praying to the God that enthrones in the shrine. The ceremony itself was conducted by facing the main shrine.

Well, see you in the next post ! Wishing you all a happy summer holiday :> 




  1. The photos are beautiful, the food was delicious and very interesting information
    truly a masterpiece that will help the tourists
    Very nice work

  2. What a fantastic post
    I really really like photos!
    xo xo

  3. I like the delicious looking noodles. I also like the special ceremonies.

    1. Thank you so much, Carlyn ! Glad that you like them ;)

  4. Wow looks like an amazing place, I would love to visit someday. Really lovely photos too, thanks for sharing :) <3


    1. You're most welcome Nichol ! Yeah, I do hope you can come and enjoy Japan someday :)


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