29 June 2013

Ueno Trip: Tokyo National Museum

It's always nice to be back blogging again and show you nice experiences that I got last week when I went to Ueno, a nice place located in central Tokyo. 

It was a really nice sunny day that spending a whole day without going outside would only make you blame yourself, since Japan is having her rainy season lately. Just like me, everybody was enjoying their Sunday outside with their beloved ones ;)

Ueno is the home for a number of Japan major museums, and they're all located adjacent to each other. This time, along with my teacher and my friends, we went to Tokyo National Museum which is located in a super huge Ueno Park, the landmark of Ueno. This park is very interesting since it is not like any other parks that I've been to.
What made it interesting is that, it is a huge park loaded with museums, temples, shrines, important institutions, such as Tokyo University,  and natural attractions. It is said that Ueno also offers a really beautiful sight during spring time when Sakura blooms beautifully and a lot of people gather in the park to do hanami, the activity of enjoying Sakura under its tree. How sweet, no? 

Now, time to sneak into Tokyo National Museum's building... 

Unfortunately I could only enter one of TNM's building, that is Honkan or the Main Building. Actually there are still another five buildings inside TNM's area. But it's alright since I can still capture the photos of the buildings ;)

Honkan Building
This is the building in which I took the video. This building was designed by Watanabe Jin and opened in 1938. The first floor is the gallery of  artifacts based on genre like lacquerware, sculpture, metalwork, etc., while the second floor is the gallery of artifacts based on Japanese era from Jomon Era (ancient times) to Edo Era in 19th century. 

Hyokeikan Building 
This building is a representative example of Western style architecture of the late Meji Era (early 20th century). It was completed in 1909 in celebration of the wedding of the then Crown Prince and later Taisho Emperor. This building is temporary closed.

Toyokan (Asian Gallery)
This Asian Gallery was built in 1968 and designed by Taniguchi Yoshiro. This building was reopened in January 2013 after refurbishment work. The galleries feature art and artifacts from other Asian regions such as China, Korea, Southeast Asia, Central Asia, India and Egypt.

The two other buildings are Heiseikan Building (Japanese Archaeology and Special Exhibitions), Research and Information Center and The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures which are located behind the buildings above.

The tickets came attractively with different designs. 

Now let's take a look at the artifacts in the second floor of Honkan building. Firstly, I entered the room of Military Elite Attire. The room exhibits the military attire from Heian Period to Muromachi Period. 

My favorite part is the room which exhibits the daily stuffs of Azuchi-Momoyama Period - Edo Period. Gosh, it's unbelievably fashionable for daily wear.Yeah, just like wise man said, "great things aren't build in a day" i guess same thing goes to Japan's fashion industry as well. No wonder that blood of fashion is streaming unstoppable in Japanese people like we all know nowadays, because they've already started it years, years ago.

The gorgeous kimono and obi. I guess it was the most beautiful obi I've ever seen. Before this, I've never seen an obi comes with motives. Drooling over to wear this set of lovely things.
Edo Period pipes
Sake bottle. The combination of beautifully attached golden cherry blossoms and the tone of the bottle are just so splendid.
Beautifully painted folding screens

Now, it the turns for Noh and Kabuki room. This room is also my favorite part.
Sobatsugi coat (Noh costume)
 The left side attire comes with a set of shirt and trousers. Still, it comes in a very fashionable and stunning colors.
what a vivid expession of a noh mask

Ukiyo-e and Fashion in the Edo Period room

Kosode a short hanging sleeved kimono.  
Furisode, one of kimono several kinds which is characterized by long, hanging sleeves, and small wrist openings. 
let's take a closer look to this furisode's motive
 Wow is the only word that I could say that time, while walking around seeing these bewitching pieces.  Aren't they so dazzlingly beautiful?
You won't believe that the people in Edo period, back then in 19th century, used these pretty things as tissue case. Me want a piece sooo bad. 
 Hair accesories
 a tool for keeping medicine

Now let's go downstairs and see what the first floor gallery got ;)

Japanese Sculpture room

This room focuses on wooden sculpture from Heian Period (794-1192) to Kamakura Period (1192-1333), which represents the prime of Japanese sculpture.

Lacquerware room

Everything looks glamorous and shiny because of the application of lacquer, a liquid that is used on wood or metal to give it a hard shiny surface. The using of lacquer in Japan has been existed since ancient times, circa 5000 BC. Through this long history, many decorative lacquering techniques have been developed in Japan. 

Japanese Swords

In Japan, iron swords were first produced during Kofun Period in the 5th century
Sword's ornament

Ceramics room


cornered bowl
Sake ewer

Moder Art: Painting and Sculpture Room

A bronze statue by Vincenzo Ragusa that portrays a Japanese woman.

 Anyway, what do you think about the stuffs above? I think it's not exaggerating if I say they're all fascinating and above all, they were created upon great philosophy and history  :)
The photos below were taken on the way back to Honkan entrance, indicating that our Tokyo National Museum's sightseeing was gonna reach its end.

 Museum Garden and Tea houses 

a really quick shot that Maru-chan took for 
me. Pardon my expression haha.. Soon after taking this photo we both ran in a rush since we were left far behind with the others who are heading to Ueno zoo xD

Basic information about Tokyo National Museum
Open hours: 
09:30-17:00 with 16:30 as the last admission
Closed day: 
Monday and year-end holidays (except for national holidays on Monday, in  which case the museum is open on the holiday and closed the following Tuesday instead)
Adults: 600 (500) yen
University Students: 400 (300) yen
High/Junior High/Elementary School Students and persons under 18 or over 70 are free (proof of age such as driving license, passport, etc. are necessary when entering)
*() indicates the price for those in groups of 20 or more
*special exhibitions require a seperate admission fee
*persons with disabilities and one person accompanying them are admitted free of charge
*free admissions to regular exhibitions on International Museum Day (May 18) and Respect for the Aged Day (the third Monday of September)
13-9 Ueno Park, Taito-ku, Tokyo, 110-8712, Japan
URL: http://www.tnm.jp/

I'll come back later with Ueno zoo stories on the upcoming post. Make sure to keep yourself updated, people! ;) 

enjoy your weekend! <3



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  6. These classic artifacts are so beautiful and intriguing! I told someone recently that I would much prefer to visit Tokyo over Paris and she gave me the weirdest look! You are so lucky to be there! Have you visited all the tiny islands that the average tourist never gets to see?!

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    1. Hi Lauren! Thank you sooo much, you're so sweet! :)

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