23 August 2013

Evening rolls: Akihabara & Tokyo Tower

Just got back from a beach in Enoshima and I just couldn't help myself from a personal satisfaction since I was able to play with the waves like an unstoppable kid. I can't lie, my body is a bit tired now but hey, playing hide and seek with the waves was incomparably fun, through which this fatigue's paid off. 

Okay, enough about beach, waves and Enoshima euphoria above. Now let me tell you that I went to Akihabara last week, simply just to give myself something like a "yeah, I've been there once" contentment. 

For you guys who are techno-maniacs, anime and game enthusiasts, Akiba (the short form of Akihabara) may become your heaven or shall it be ? Here you will find a major shopping area for electronics, computers, anime, games and otaku goods either for the new or the used ones. 

Akihabara itself has a really good meaning as seen from the Kanji  (Japanese characters derived from Chinese letters) that constructed the word, it means "a field of autumn leaves". Gosh, doesn't it sound romantic ? to me, it definitely does.

Yep, AKB48 and Gundam Cafe. Those kinda cafes will be served like a hotel welcome-drink as you getting out of Akihabara Station. Not only AKB48 and Gundam, but I heard there are also cosplay restaurants like maid cafe (where the waitresses dress up in french maid uniforms and treat the customers as masters and mistresses), school-themed cafe (here the customers will be treated as seniors and there are no regular tables like in the usual restaurants but you will see school desks instead. The foods are served in trays just like the ones used in Japanese school) and I bet there are still so many other themed cafes out there in Akiba. Hmm I think I would like to try the school themed one next time ;)

the photographs of AKB48 members are sold along the road side

Just walked by a restaurant and at a glance I caught they serve Nasi Goreng (Indonesian fried rice) for 880 Yen.

a nice candid shot by Maru-chan

and, as we said goodbye to the sun, we continued walking until we met one of Japan's popular symbol; Tokyo Tower :>

The height of the tower is 333 meters (1, 093 feet). 

And the question is, "Why 2020?"

Because, Tokyo is in a hard struggle in order to be the host of 2020 Summer Olympics, competing with two other cities; Madrid and Istanbul. The International Olympic Committee will elect the host city on 7 September 2013 at the 125th IOC Session in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Looking forward to the election day hearing which one's gonna be the host city ! We'll see ;)

and then the color changed and become a bit misty

Hope you like this post, and waiting for your thoughts in the comment box ! <3
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