16 May 2015

Hello, Dancing Waves! // One Fine Morning at Glagah Beach

Hiiii, everyone! It's me again... after 4 months of hiatus. How's life? I hope you enjoy living every single day of your life, getting inspired by great people in your surroundings and finding great places to hang out in your town! Mine has been incredibly great, and I can't thank God enough for giving me endless surprises and blessings in life. I grow up more and more, learning and experiencing something new each day. Felt so good in life, really...

Aaaand, finally I finished my study in college for good! Thank God I passed my thesis defense well last month, and now I'm so so so ready for my graduation ceremony and of course, the real life after graduation. I've decided what I'm going to do. I know, everything won't always be as smooth as I wish them to be, but I know that God will always be with me so that I have no reason to be afraid of how everything will turn out in the future. In fact, I've never been as excited as I am now... knowing that I'm no longer a kid, knowing that I'm in a full charge of creating decisions for myself and knowing that everything will just be okay if I do them in a right way :)

You know, college years have been an extremely great time of my life. I may say, it's the besssstttt time I ever spent. Never will I ever forget every single milestone that I had gone through. Every struggle, every sleepless night, every excitement and of course everyone I met in this process. Still can't believe that I finally managed to be in this point even though I know this isn't the final yet. I know there's still a long long way to go....

Well, I hope you enjoy your life as much as I do! When you feel like you're bored with your life, try to count your blessings, write them down, read what you just wrote slowly and don't forget to smile! and, at the end of the day, a self treat won't hurt! Talking about self treat, I just got myself a self treat yesterday! You know, I did it because I had been so sensitive lately... emotional upheaval struck me so bad until I couldn't control myself to behave well in front of people. Especially in front of my mom and best friend, the ones who always have my back every single time. I guess it was all because the 'period' after all. Well, it always leads to sudden emotional changes that I can't afford to control. Too bad I know. Okay, back to my self treat thing. Guess where I went to? :D


Yessss, it's seaaa!! <333

You know, BEACH CAN DO NO WRONG :))) Happiest place on earth I may say.
This beach is the third beach that I visited this year. I can thank God enough, for placing me in this heaven on earth where beaches are just everywhere....

And here I was, enjoying an 8 a.m morning at Glagah Beach located in Kulonprogo, Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Came here with my best travelling and hang out buddy ever, we spent around an hour here, being busy photographing each other alternately. The sun was shining very bright at that time, a hint of warm welcome for us <3

A captivating live show by the waves. All I could do is just sitting still on my VIP stone lol. No one was here, so it was kind of a private beach for me and my friend xD

You must be wondering what these stones are for. Or you're not? :p
Well, I will just tell you right away. These stones, or so-called 'tetrapods' serve as waves crusher. These tetrapods will protect the dry land from the raging waves of South Sea (Indian Ocean) during new moon periods. Not only it is protecting the land, but it's also quite an attraction for taking pictures by laying down or just sitting still on it while enjoying the dancing waves! :) Like what I did, lol.

We didn't really explore every corner of the beach area, as we were too comfortable to be in 'our teritorry'. We just sat and enjoyed the scenery on the tetrapod before eventually decided to leave since the day was getting hotter. What a fun and mind-soothing morning at the beach! <3
I really can't wait for the next beach adventures ;)

Haha sorry for being annoyingly narcissistic in this post. You may google with the keyword 'pantai glagah', 'glagah beach' or whatever as long as it is spelled 'glagah' to check out cooler pics of the beach just in case you're tired seeing me in almost every pic with damn various poses xD But I sincerely hope that you won't think so. Instead, I hope that you could just enjoy this post and become inspired to come here and spend a quality time with your favorite persons! :)

Till the next post, beautiful souls!




  1. Nice pics! I wanna play chess now.


  2. Hai kaaak, I just stumbled upon your blog today and I am so speechless right now because ya ampun lucu banget tetrapodnya :" I never knew about this beach before padahal juga tinggal di Jogja ehehehehe. Thank's for sharing, I'm gonna put this place in my travelling list so I can go there with my friends!

    Oh anyway, congrats for the thesis!

    PS: We go to the same college, btw :D


  3. miss mana post berikutnya? ini udah bulan delapan :p


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