29 April 2016

Ho, hey! I'm back!

umm I know, it always turns to be a clumsy greeting when it comes to long hiatus. But please just let me start everything all over again ;)

So, now I'm back already in Japan. Japan for the third times, exactly. I remember, on my first time coming to Japan, I was 19. I was regarded as the underage, and couldn't freely buy a cellphone without special procedure. At that time the university acted as the guarantor for me. They issued a cover letter for the carrier which I wanted to sign a contract with.
  Now, that I'm an adult (22 y.o.), I think I could just buy a cellphone with ease without any issues related to guarantor and stuffs. But I'm totally wrong now. Turned out, there's this new system applied here to buy a cellphone: "credit card is necessary." I presume that this system is new, since there was no such thing in 2013-2014. So the problem, I don't own a credit card, therefore I still haven't got either a Japanese cellphone or number. For the fact that I've been living here for nearly a month. Gosh... That cellphone trouble is back again to my life. Now with different situation. Lol.

But it's okay, I'll figure out how to get a cellphone later! *fingerscrossed*

Other than this cellphone thingy, I'm really enjoying my new life in new environment here. Even  though it takes around two weeks for me to finally be able to decide and say:
"I'm happy and grateful to be here"
Yep, I live in Tokyo. Suburb part of Tokyo to be exact. It's called Fuchu. Well, Fuchu is not that kind of bustling "Tokyo" which foreigners might imagine or stereotype. Here is a very laid back, peaceful, no rush... kind of neighborhood. I guess I'll write longer and more detailed about Fuchu later on since I haven't snapped a nice and proper pictures representing Fuchu.

So, here I present to you the view from my university dorm room!These photos we taken on April 3rd. As soon as I arrived at the dorm, after a quite a long and pretty exhausting haul from Narita Airport. It was quite an overcast day tho..

Lucky me! I came right when Tokyo's cherry blossom is at its peak season! The magical view that I missed on my 2013 visit. 

Brought three suitcases (jumbo, medium and mini size). Pulling them while transferring from the airport bus to train, and still gotta change the train line for three times.... Gosh, the journey to reach here was indeed beyond human struggle. lol.

Thank God for this scenery. I can't wait for next year's spring. Since I need to do a slow and proper hanami (cherry blossom viewing). Beside enjoying the scenery from the room and during slow walks to supermarket, I din't really do one this year actually.

Another view from the balcony.

What a creamy sky above there!!

So, I'm currently studying in Tokyo University of Foreign Studies (TUFS), targeting to enroll to Master degree next year. Hence, as for now, I need to prepare myself for the Master entrance exam which will be conducted on October this year. So yeah, I'll do all the best I can! <3 

I guess it's enough for this time.
I hope you guys are doing extremely wonderful!




  1. Selamat melanjutkan perjuangan naakk .. <3 <3 <3 Bismillah

  2. Go go go .. Pasti Bisaa ... <3 :) Bismillah


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