16 December 2013

Tokyo Rikugien // Evening Light Up

Almost forgot that I have these stock of photos taken at Rikugien Garden, Tokyo a week ago ! How careless I am to let this babies remain in a folder in my hard disk.

So this is it, evening light up ! Another dramatic way to enjoy autumn beside going to the park and having lunch under the Ginkgo trees. Went here with my friends (as ever), anyway. It was so interesting and thrilling, also for the one who's not so good at taking night photography like me it was quite challenging ! :D 

You know, I was busy with my camera's setting, stopped walking for a while to check if I got the best shots with it, while the security staffs kept on telling all the visitors to keep going and restrain from taking pics by standing still. haha, geez. They really didn't know how to enjoy light up I guess. Oops.

tea house inside the garden

I was so lucky, because the time when I went there, it was the last day of evening light up ! I guess now is the time for Christmas illumination. By the way,  I never imagined before that autumn in Japan will be extraordinarily romantic like this, lol. I enjoyed so much, although it was cold enough. I entered the garden around 5 p.m and left at 6:30.

Ah I love these lens flares ! They turned out so natural and sparkling, yeay (y)

Basic Information

Opening hours: 09:00 to 17:00 (entry until 16:30)
Evening light up until 21:00 during autumn color and cherry blossom seasons.

Closed: December 29th to January 1st

Admission Fee: 300 Yen

This garden is so recommended. I'm planning to visit it again someday with my Mom ! <3
See ya !




  1. Subhanallah ... sangat indah menakjubkan .. !!! <3 :)

  2. God is really amazing. i wish i can go there, someday! :) *dani*

    1. Amen ! What about going here together ;) hihi

  3. oooomg the scenery is amazingggggg!!

    anway wanna follow each other?

  4. Oh my! the view is so amazing :D



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