10 December 2013

Yokohama Illuminations

What ? It's almost mid of December already ? Gosh. I think the time darted too fast or it's just me who is too lazy to glance at the calendar ? Oh God, I still can't believe it. Everything feels like in a total rush lately. Now I'm sitting in front of my laptop, typing this post while the other tabs are opened for assignment materials, umm yeah and facebook sometimes, truth to be told.

By the way, this gonna be a crazy week in advance at least this condition will last until winter holiday. Wish I can stand this circumstance, which in someways it feels like my life is sort of a tough race for my ambitions for studying, travelling and.. just sleeping all day long during weekends. You know, my life is just like a marathon without a definite finish line. But thank God, I have my best friends ! :)

Another "I can't believe" moment is that when I realized that I'm gonna leave this country in about two months. I'm trying so hard to not be gloomy at all while trying to accept this reality. Oh, I think I've told you in my past past post that I'm living here in a dormitory. My dorm is located in a an area called Fujisawa City, about 40 minutes away by train towards Yokohama, the city that I love with all my heart. I even took a lecture about Yokohama last semester ! and indeed, the lecture really made me love this city more and more, even everyday.

Anyway, last week, I went to Yokohama with my friends after class and spent the whole evening in that always-so-romantic city's ambiance. Yokohama was pretty as usual, but this time in a more glowing way ! :) Yes, Yokohama Illuminations baby ! The city bathed in light, it told me to officially say hi to Christmas atmosphere and of course, winter ! ;) Although we still have some autumn traces in some parts of the city.

 Yamashita Park

I still remember very well the first time I set my feet on this park. It was in the middle of April, my first two weeks of living in Japan. It was just exactly the same hour as I went here last week. The same harbor view, the same afterglow, the same benches.. and all the melancholy that always makes me wanna stay longer till the day gets darker.

The view of Minato Mirai 21 Area, Yokohama's landmark as seen from Yamashita Park.

Minato Mirai 21 Area

Minato means port and mirai means future. The number 21 refers to 21st century. The construction of Minato Mirai 21 is said to represent Yokohama's dream to embrace a bright future in the 21st century. 

Told ya, I've never been tired of this place and all the views it offers ! :)

Yokohama Red Brick Warehouse

I simply love the red bricks color at night. Anyway, these buildings were formerly used as customs houses untill 1989. Now, they are functioned as shopping mall, banquet hall and venues for various events.

Red Brick Warehouse Christmas Market

World Porters

I've been a few times passing by this building but never on this side. As well, never knew that World Porters has such kinda eye-catching glass tiles, complete with a big clock on it. Anyway, World Porters is one of Yokohama's giant shopping malls. I love this mall since there's my favorite restaurant that sells Indonesian food, called "Surabaya". 

Every walk in this city is a such an eye-gasm. Interesting things are just all along the way. I'm sure you're gonna love this place from the very first sight !

Found this Pizzeria on the way back to the station. And uh-oh, it's just too hard to restrain my self from posing like..... 

THIS ! lol

Well, till the next posts people ! 
There are still tons of things I gotta share with you, anyway. Hope that I can share them to you as soon as possible. Have a great great week ahead ! <3




  1. ... fabulous .. ^_^
    and gorgeous .I want to see it with you ...
    someday.. <3 ")

  2. Replies
    1. Lebih seru lagi kalo sama kennz jugaak !! :D

  3. Lovely blog!!
    Can we follow each other via gfc g+ and bloglovin?


  4. Wow!! You pictures are beautiful! Makes me wanna go there soon =D

    P.S If you have some time, do drop by and give support to join our giveaway. We're giving out an iPad Air to a lucky winner for Christmas. You could be the lucky one too =)

  5. It's amazing! Wonderful photos, Shabrina! :) Lucky you, being there should be incredible xx



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