25 December 2013

Hakone Getaway // Part 1

-December 7th, 2013-
A memorable one day getaway towards Hakone earlier this month. Hakone is famous for its onsen (hot spring) resorts and numbers of impressive natural views such as Mount Fuji, Lake Ashinoko and Owakudani Valley. But this time my friends and I didn't enjoy the onsen, yet we tried another course that was also very fun. What is that another fun course ? Feel free to scroll down to know the answer ;)

Bought a Hakone freepass for 3,900 Yen so that my friends and I could stroll around Hakone as much as we wanted, freely. This freepass was valid for two days tour but we only used it for one day because we decided not to spend the night there.

At Odawara station while waiting the others

First destination : Soba making !--That another fun course that I mentioned at the beginning ;p
I think some of you may be quite familiar with the term "soba" which refers to Japanese buckwheat noodles.

The soba master

Spread the dough with the machine. It was very fun to do ! As the dough stretched, it became very thin and ready to be cut.

It took around 30 minutes of work share for our group to finish cutting the dough into tiny pieces. If you're observant enough, you may notice the thick pieces at the leftmost. Haha they were our first attempt. Luckily we got better and better at the end. Yeay!

"itadakimasu !" 
after several hardships at the beginning when we stirred the dough, also the cutting session that really took time, finally our DIY-Soba !! Lol. But all the process was really worth the satisfaction. We left happily, ready to head to the next destination.

 We were on our way heading to Motohakone Pier to board the Hakone Sightseeing Cruise. We stopped for awhile to snap the scenery of Lake Ashinoko. It was a beautiful place with a really clean air.

Anyway, see the beautiful green ship, right? It is called as The Victory Cruise, the ship that we board to cruise around the lake. There are three sightseeing boats that run on this lake: Vasa, Royal, and Victory.
I'll show you more about the cruise and our rope-way experience on the next post ! Soon, I promise :)




  1. Vow, it looks like you had really great time!:)
    Muilo Burbulai

  2. What a fun trip with friends. I think it's very satisfying when you go to a cooking class and get to eat the food you make.

  3. Beautiful blog and good pictures!

    Kisses from Italy

  4. nice pics!


  5. Sangat mengesankan .... !!!
    Masa muda yang Luar Biasa ... !!! <3)

  6. whooooaaaaa.... looks like sooo much funnnn.............


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