03 August 2013

Summer Pleasure: Yukata

Hi again, everybody! How's life? Wishing you're fine as ever :) Sorry for being in hiatus in this several days. I just passed my exam week, but it doesn't really mean that I can embrace my summer holiday and start my vacation from now on, because I still have 2 days of Japanese culture intensive course and 1 report to submit until next week. Yeah I know, ganbarimasu !

I went to Yokohama to watch firework festival (again), along with my friends and we all dressed up in Yukata ! For you who doesn't know what yukata is, it is the "light version" of Japanese Kimono and it's usually worn during summer. Yukata has so many variants of motives that define the beauty of summer in Japan. 

Loving Mariko's obi. So cute ><

 Ruru and I . Ruru looked so pretty with that blue yukata ! :)

 Cho-chan, looking gorgeous in that pink yukata. And it matched her pink sandals as well :)

 from left to right : Jong Woon, Mariko, Maru, En, and Ruru. We were on the way to the station.

 All the motives are looking great, aren't they?

 Luckily, we got free fans ! It was so hot that day.

 Mariko being uber cute !!

 Pardon my mischievous habit of taking anonymous' photos. I just couldn't help to show you the other motive of yukata. hehe

 Seemed so cute, going to date in yukata. Will try it someday hahaha.

 It was quite cloudy since the morning but fortunately there was no rain. Some people even had been waiting in the venue since 1 p.m while the firework started at 7. Everybody had marked their territory with mats ;D

 The view from our "territory"

 Two cute chicks that I love <3
My favorite pose of Maru

I know it's blurry but I love this photo so much 

Finally arrived at the station near our dorm, and we proceeded to take purikura ^^

It was super fun to spend the whole evening with the girls! And now I'm thinking about buying my own yukata and wear it to various summer festivals x) . Lately I've been surfing through the web and found that Rakuten got some interesting choices with the best deal of JPY 3,980 for a set of yukata (one set is included Yukata itself, geta (Japanese wooden sandals) and obi). Woohoo !

See ya on the next post !




  1. oh wow... soooooo cute!

  2. beautiful kimono *_* your blog is very lovely and interesting. im glad if you visit my blog, too <3 keep in touch!


    1. Hi Thi Lan, your comment really make my day ! Of course I would like to visit yours too ;)

  3. great friendship and great pictures!


  4. Really nice pictures !

  5. are you indonesian? I'm indonesian and living in hong kong:) you look stunning with the kimono outfit<3
    following each other would be great!


  6. your blog is so cute. and this post is even more cute <3
    follow each other? :)


  7. So beautiful and fun, I love the photos so much makes me feel so happy ^^

    恵美より ♥


  8. so pretty
    beautiful and Wow ... Charming !!! :) ^_^


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