11 August 2013

Kamakura: Big Buddha & Hasedera Temple

Thank God, I can finally embrace the relaxing atmosphere of summer holiday ! Yes, I've submitted my one last report to my dear lecturer just exactly before I started typing this post. Can't be relieve more :>
I went to Kamakura again, some days ago with my friends and finally, like promised you in the previous Kamakura Post (here), now I'm able to present the snaps of Big Buddha and many other things I saw during my Kamakura day tour. Hurry, hurry, scroll down people ! :D

 We bought Enoshima-Kamakura Freepass for 770 Yen, so that we can easily move here and there by train, within that charge, all day long. Despite how many times we had to take the train :)

Statue material: Bronze
Height: 12.38 meters
Weight: 120 tons

This bronze statue of Big Buddha, or in Japanese is called as "Daibutsu", is located in the Kotokuin Temple. From the very first time I saw it in quite a distance, I was so amazed by how gracefully proportional and calming to see it was. The attractive thing isn't only about the Bigh Buddha itself, but the scenery in its surroundings as well. The touch of spiritual appeal was spreading thoroughly in every corner of Kotokuin Temple.
Although I'm not a Buddhist but I enjoyed so much seeing Buddha statues even though I don't know what their poses mean. And the "sitting pose" of this bronze Big Buddha is one of my favorites. It's undeniably magnificent, isn't it? 

On the way to Hasedera, we visited an "Orgel (music box) specialty store". We just couldn't stand the temperature and humidity outside, so basically we entered the store just to chill ourselves out in an air-conditioned place, but then turned out that we were so deeply absorbed with the stuffs ! It was my very first time seeing such magnificent orgels. I was just thinking about getting myself one before getting back to my homeland next year ;)
They really have sooo many variants of orgels as well as the music. I'm so in love with this place !

Okay, now Hasedera.

Hasedera is the home for the magnificent statue of Hase Kannon, also well-known as the eleven-headed Kannon. The temple was built to honor the statue, which formerly was thrown into the sea near present-day Osaka with a prayer that it would reappear to save people. In the night of June 18, 736 it really reappeared, found ashore at Nagai Beach, not far from Kamakura. 
Hasedera Temple has been known as the 4th station among the 33 holy places in the Kanto area.

As we walked farther inside the temple, we found a small building called "Jizo-do Hall". Surrounding the hall, we saw thousands of little Jizo stone statues standing in long rows. The statues were arranged there in order to comfort the souls of unborn children.

The main temple is where the Hase Kannon statue is enshrined. All I could say that time was that, the statue of Hase Kannon was spiritually wondrous. No lie. Unfortunately, taking photos are prohibited inside.

Hasedera was a really impressive temple. Done with Hasedera's sightseeing, we headed to Hase station to catch a train. We went to a soba restaurant in Komachi-dori to satisfy our super hungry tummies as well as giving our feet a break after the nonstop walking.

I'll let you guys know what kind of Kamakura's delicacy that we tried in the next post, kay ! See ya :> 



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