18 February 2014

Flying Back :)

Another hi and another sorry since I've been away from this blog for nearly a month. This past few weeks had been a really really busy period for me and now I'm already back to my homeland, Indonesia. I landed safe and sound in Yogyakarta my favorite city, several days ago. And yes, with a mixed feeling and the undeniable reverse culture shock. As well as the temperature shock. 

Getting off form the plane, too many differences welcomed me. No more Japanese characters as long as I set my sight (those characters always managed to make me dizzy during my first weeks of living there and now, ironically I had to go home when I already got accustomed to them). No more crowd mumbling in Japanese. No more people dressing like what they want. No more vending machines in every corner of every place. And there will be still a lot of "no more-s" to tell. But hey! I gotta be happy because I met my family and old friends already and they're so kind as ever to pick me up at the airport.

Around a year in Japan, to study and to experience zillions of new things, going back home ain't an easy deal for me. Ain't easy at all, I suppose. Leaving all the customs and habits, the people, the air.. and of course all my best friends. Either the Japanese ones or the other foreign students. But I believe in the power of best friends and reunion. Once we were brought together, no matter how, when and where we will  surely reunite. I can't wait to meet them again in this near future or just.. in anytime! 

Till the time we meet, I hope you guys are always be in good health and loaded with happiness and strength to face everything. I can't express how grateful I am to be the part of this friendship and you guys to be the part of my life. <3

at Yokohama City Air Terminal (YCAT) before leaving for Narita Airport. Left to right; Suzuki-san, me, Li Getsuyou-senpai, Maru-chan and Dominika

I can't thank Suzuki-san, Dominika, Li-senpai and Maru for staying at the terminal until my bus departed. Also, without them I wouldn't be able to bring all of my luggages (two suitcases and two handbags) safely until the terminal. I wanted to send those goods to the airport two days before my flight but heavy snow ruined my plan heartlessly. But thank god, I have angels like them that helped me a lot.  Ah , I miss them so much. They've been so kind to me every time. I wish that I can be a good friend for them too. And I can't describe how I really want to meet them right now.

I was so happy to be able to leave Japan on the same date with Maru. We went to different airports though. I left for Narita Airport while Maru to Haneda Airport. It's been a really great friendship ever since we met in April. We had been in ups and downs for this several months but we stay to support each other. I doubt that I could meet a kind person like Maru for twice, so I'll keep her forever as my best friend. We even planned to come to each other's country on the next holiday. I can't waittt because it's gonna be fun ! Oh wait, we also planned to join Dominika to go to Myanmar to meet Lin. And there are still many other plans set to get back together. I also pray for my reunion with my cute American girl, Whitney. I'll put effort to make it all true !

My last breakfast before I flew back. Tully's Coffee's french toasts were so delicious, moreover to be paired with that Matcha Latte. I swear. 

My flight time was changed 10 minutes earlier

I left Japan after heavy snowy days. I worried if my flight was gonna be canceled due to the weather but fortunately everything went flawlessly. You can still spot the snow that covered the land of Chiba Prefecture, where Narita airport is located. 

I stopped staring at the window as the plane was getting higher, made saw nothing but this field of puffy clouds. Bye bye for awhile Japan, till I come to you again, soon ! <3

4233 meters of distance had been passed smoothly. Temperature of 31 degress celcius embraced me tightly and force me to take off my coat. 

"Welcome home"

Anyway, even though I'm home already now, but I will still blog about my experiences in Japan since I still got tons of photos and stories to share. Gonna be back soon with my snowy stories in Hokkaido. Make sure you won't miss it, see ya ! ;)




  1. Selamat datang di Tanah Air Tercinta naakkk .. :) <3
    Semoga setelah selesai S1 bisa langsung ambil S2
    di Negeri Sakura lagiii ^_^
    Aamiin YRA .. :)

  2. cute photos girl [: i miss travelling a lot haha!


  3. love all your photo on your blog !!


  4. Loving all these photos. I miss going to Japan! xx


  5. lovely pictures!

    would you mind to follow each other? :)



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