23 June 2018

Awaji Island // Some Snaps

Finally, a short getaway to Awaji Island.
Here are some pics of me, taken by Rosa my travel companion for this trip.

Day 1 at TOTO Seawind by Tadao Ando

Gazing out to the beautifully overcast ocean view

Nonstop snapping as per usual. Got awed by the structure of the hotel. 
No, we didn't stay here. How we wished.

 Day 2 at Awaji Yumebutai by Tadao Ando

It was super hot out here

That's that! A Tada Ando architectures trip is what we were at. 
I haven't transferred the photos I took from my camera to my laptop, so I guess these are all for now!

So, hope to catch you all again once I'm back updating this blog <3

Pssst, anyway, I've successfully landed myself on a job at an entertainment company.
After all, life after graduation isn't that scary anymore as I already know what I'm gonna do with my life after I leave school.
What made it scary was that back then, I didn't know what life had in store thus I was constantly drawn in anxiety and nonstop wondering about what the future holds.

But now, I'm so ready for the next challenge, for the next big step in life.

I really hope everything is good on your side too. From the bottom of my heart.



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