29 October 2017

Nakazaki-cho, Osaka's Youth Sub-culture Hub // Thru Disposable Camera

Hi, folks! I haven't really shared in my blog about what I did last summer holiday (mid July to early Oct!). I guess this roll from Nakazaki-cho stroll is going to be the first one to sit on the blog from the summer holiday serries, having its story to get revealed, briefly. Yes, briefly, because I'm planning to share a more detailed story later on, focusing on pictures I took from my canon camera. There are tons in it!

Moving on to what Nakazaki-cho neighborhood is all about, it's kind of similar to what Shimokitazawa or Koenji to Tokyo. If you love those two Tokyo's hipster neighborhoods, then I bet, you'll fall in love with Nakazaki-cho in no time as soon as you step your feet on its artsy alley. Because that's simply what happened to me!

(A very kind auntie from Nagoya offered me to take a picture of myself in front of this shop. Of course your girl can never say no to a picture offer :p)

Alright you guys, without further ado, here I present to you some Nakazaki-cho snaps thru the disposable camera :>

Below are my top 4 favorites from the roll! 💛


My niche (1)

The highlight is so freakin' blinding I know, but I couldn't love this picture more! 
It was such a lovely sunny day indeed. Ahh, I miss summer (holiday)!

My niche (2)

Neighborhood's famous organic granola shop

Haha I didn't realize that there was someone standing there

Bonus Pictures from the Roll:
Osaka Kuromon Market and Its Surrounding 

I have a major thing with markets, meat stalls and things of such sort! I'm so glad that this picture that I took at a random ready-to-eat seafood stall turned out just as how I wanted it to be!

At a juice bar

Guys, this is Sabilla, my high school mate! <3 I stayed a night at her place in Osaka. It was such a nostalgic reunion. Sabilla was also the one who took me to Kuromon market, introducing me to bunches of yummy titbits! Ahh, miss you bb! 

Alleyway just outside the market

Not particularly favoriting this picture. The grain in it is just not that kind of grain that I like (?) plus, it's waaaay too dark. Don't hurt your eyes for staring it too long, hehe.

This one? my favorite from the Kuromon market bunch!

Another extra from the roll:
Bakery hopping in Wakayama

Some failures:

Inside Nakazaki-cho Station. Turned out lookin' so horror, lol. But trust me, inside is such an eye-catching turquoise-tiled corridor situation. Good thing is, I shot a better version of Nakazaki-cho Station's interior on my canon. Can't wait to share it later on!

Aaaannnd this is the end of my disposable camera journey in Osaka! Apology for a super anti-climax feeling of this post. The thing is, I just developed the pictures from the camera earlier this evening, saw the results, got excited and ended up with "I gotta put these on the blog as soon as I got home!". And here it is, a new post on the blog, after ages of hiatus.

But still, I hope you enjoy this one random post. At this point, I'm sort of tempted in getting myself a film camera. What do you thing? Would love to hear something regarding on film camera, what's your verdict on it? Please please kindly share it on the comment box, will much appreciate it! <3

Sooo, I'll see you on the post, (hopefully) soon!
It's Monday again tomorrow, be readyyyy :>



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