29 July 2017

Some Pictures from Harajuku Stroll and A Little Bit of Despondency

Sunday, July 16th, 2017

While waiting for my bathtub to get filled up

One word to describe myself this Sunday: freakin' exhausted.

I don't know, but I'm not getting excited about things this whole day. No, not just today, prolly some days within this week, I've felt this way. I usually felt so excessively happy and high, even for something that some people might find them boring. Maybe I'm just too tired, too sleep-deprived.

Oops, guess the hot water in my oh-sooo-mini-bathtub has filled up. Alright, I'll continue writing in a couple of minutes. I need to go to the bathroom now and I'll be right back once I'm done dipping. Anyway, I'm using MUJI's lavender-scented bath salt this time, it smells nice, and I'm genuinely happy right now. Omg, I guess I just got excited over something, right in this very moment!! lol.


Hi, done with the bathing business. Felt so good, the lavender bath salt has successfully shed away the weariness. Face is still a little bit red by the time I'm typing this, especially the bridge of my nose.  But I just sprayed tea tree water onto the face just now. So, despite the redness, my face is actually feeling so refreshed. Whoop, perfectness. Now this girl is feeling better, both mentally and physically. 

I'm not sure if the thing that I've just experienced can be classified as a mood swing, but my mental condition changed exceptionally fast. It only took a nice dip in a hot bath for 20 minute-ish. To me, that was relatively fast.

Well, I guess I need to take a break again. Be right back after dinner! 🥘 


Saturday, July 29th, 2017

While waiting for my laundry in the dryer

Oh my God, time is scary. Don't you think? 

Two weeks ago I wrote that I'd be back after dinner. But then I didn't. I was too sleepy after dinner, then I decided to have a doze before going back to the blog. Turned out, the doze became a deep, deep sleep. I got busy on the next day, as well as the next next day, until I neglected this post and let it sit in the draft, until I realized that it has been two weeks long. Phew! 

Hella talented procrastinator when it comes to blogging lately. This definitely needs to be stopped. But how? Let me contemplate and figure a way out.

Alright, there's just too much despondency going on in this post. Shall we just jump right into the real deal on the photos I have here? *O come on Shabrina, you can even do it from the beginning of the post if you want to! 😛*

So, long story short I went to Harajuku on July 12th to meet my best friend, the one who's always been so ever-tempered in dealing with my never ending babbles, lol. We finally managed to try out Luke's Lobster, that infamous lobster roll originally from NYC, after failing to get one in our last meet-up.

 The lobster roll (below); The shrimp & crab roll (top)

They tasted... okay 👌 
I don't know if it's just me, but I didn't find it amazingly wow as compared to all the crazy hypes about this lobster roll in the world wide web. But yeah, being okay is still acceptable for someone like me who's not so hard to please when it comes to food. 

Have you ever tried the Luke's lobster? What's your take on it?

Right across the Luke's shack, we found this vines-covered wall with cute little lilac flowers thriving mostly at the upper part. "You must be wanting to take photos there, aren't you?" my friend asked. Of course the whole universe could easily know the answer even without me necessarily saying "yes". 

Done with the photo session in front of the vines, yeah, we had to stop taking photos because another tourist was lining up behind us while mumbling in a language that I didn't understand. But from her tone, I could decipher that she was complaining about us being too long 😌 oh, come on...

We continued walking casually. Getting in and out bunches of stores, touched many products, bought nothing, and ended up getting some shaved ice 🍧 in "Ice Monster" to close our meet-up session. We talked about tons of stuffs, as per usual. But this time was mainly about sexual preferences. Definitely my favorite topic to talk about.

That's that! I miss having another casual stroll already.

Anyway, July ends in two days. I did various stuffs this month. I'll try to write some recaps about this. Not to be cocky, but I'm satisfied with my performance this month. Hope August is going to be a great month too! Despite the crazy summer heat we're having here in Tokyo 🔥

Well well, hope you're all having heaps of joy in this very month too! I'll see you on the next post ;)

In the meantime, go explore your neighborhood, dance to your favorite songs and eat lots of yummy desserts. Or just do whatever that will make you happy and love yourself even more! 💟



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