10 June 2017

Sea of Nemophila Baby Blue Eyes: Is This View Even Real??!

May 4th, 2017

Hitachi Seaside Park, Hitachinaka, Ibaraki Prefecture

Whoop! My year long wait has finally come to a good end! So happy, i could say it a thousand time. And this is to tick off the last major item in "Shabrina's Flower Pilgrimage Bucket List", ladies and gentlemen! #owyea *wink* *wink again with more energy*.

Been dreaming of witnessing this surreality ever since last year

So, for those who don't know, these cute little blue flowers are called 'NEMOPHILA' or the 'Baby Blue Eyes'. These baby blue eyes had kept me waiting for the longest one year in life ever since spring last year. It was the time when Lina, my ultimate flower viewing partner found a one-day bus tour from Shinjuku to Tochigi for 'Whisteria' viewing and proceeded to nemophila in Ibaraki at the same day, in a freakin' good deal! I guess it was only around 10,000 Yen for these two destinations? Damn! 😭 

But yeah, everyone loved good deal and they took action waaay faster then us. So we registered and the organizer kept us in the waiting list till one day before the departure day. But unfortunately, we had no luck for the bus tour eventually. Sad? Don't ask, just don't. This one goes without saying.

"Let's see the nemophila next year" said Lina and I to each other after we decided to drop the Nemophila from the list and chose to enjoy Whisteria instead. That "next year" thing finally  turned into something that was just around the corner! We finally managed to witness it last month.

The Wait Paid Off! Let's celebrate it with a wefie or hundreds!

We were so lucky, since rape flowers (Nanohana in Japanese) were in season too at that time!
I'm so loving how the yellow and the blue layered each other beautifully.

I'm beyond glad to find a partner who equally takes flower viewing trip as serious as I do.
Luv youuu cici Lina :*

Hitachi Seaside Park is indeed a piece of heaven on earth

This 190ha stated-operated park is definitely one very place that you should never ever miss whenever you make a trip to Japan, especially if your main destination is in the Kanto area! Walking for less than 10 minutes from the entrance gate, you'll arrive at the Miharashi Hill, the hub of this exceedingly vast park.

I guess that's the pacific ocean at the background 🌊

The 3.5ha Miharashi hill is painted in psychedelic bright blue Nemophila during Spring, fresh green Kochia in Summer and seductive crimson red Kochia in Autumn! One word: Breathtaking 😳 Here let me show you how the park looks like in Autumn → click click!

Here's the park's website for a more detailed information regarding on how to get there and some precious information about the flower seasons!  CLICK HERE 💙

Anyway, the entrance fee is 400 yen for adult!

The only problem with this super huge park is that, the ground was sort of dusty. Especially  at the Miharashi Hill where the 4.5 millions of nemophilas were planted. 

Imagine when the wind blows so strongly and the dust will just fly all over the place. This happened all the time. I wore my black boots and they ended up completely covered in thick dust at the end of the day.

Not a very a big deal I know, but some people pretty much pay attention to their shoes cleanliness. Or maybe it's just me? I hope this "Too Much Information" can be useful for someone with the same nature, lol.

Spot the carp streamers over there? They're called 'Koinobori'! The children day's decorations that you'd possibly see all over Japan from April to early May :)

Spotted another type of Nemophila: The Yayoi Kusama-ish

Now they look more surreal with some polkadots on... Gosh.

Well, I guess that's all for today! I actually took tons of photos as well as videos, as per usual. I'm now in the process of collecting the mood to combine and edit the videos. Hopefully I'll get back soon on the blog with the dancing nemophilas video, or maybe just with another topic! 😘

Alright guys, I'll see you on the next post! I'm about to shower afterwards and get ready for some grocery shopping and dine out for today's iftar. 

Have a great weekend, everyone!



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