01 December 2016

Walking on Gold

Autumn is still around the corner for some areas in Tokyo. Especially the Bunkyo Ward, where the main campus of The University of Tokyo (Todai) is located. November 29th was the very peak of autumn here where the ginkgo leaves had turned completely yellow, oh so pretty. I felt so lucky to treasure this moment with my Taiwanese best friend, Maru-chan. It was Maru-chan as well who had the idea to enjoy the remaining days of autumn here. Thanks, Maruti! <3

Honestly, I was so damn skeptical about Maru-chan's idea to spend the evening here. I totally doubted that we would have so much fun. I mean, Maru-chan and I had snapped ginkgo trees and ourselves under the trees way so many times before. We had enjoyed autumn to the most before. We had been so high about autumn before. So how can we get any higher than this after all? Will it be as fun if we repeat the same thing again and again? I thought I had lost my excitement. I thought I got bored already.  

But then I was totally wrong.

A breathtaking ginkgo-lined avenue as seen from the Seimon (main gate) leading to the Yasuda Auditorium

I enjoyed it so much.

Anyway, this year is my second time experiencing autumn in Japan. The first one was three years ago (2013), and I was still an undergraduate student back then. I can still clearly remember how amazed I was, for the first time in my life witnessing the beautiful autumn hues painted all over the city . 

Out of so many beautiful autumnal trees, Ginkgo is probably my most favorite one. Simply because its leaves are so bright in color. If maple gives an elegant and dramatic effect with its orange and crimson finger leaves, ginkgo gives a playful and cheerful effect with its super bright yellow fan-shaped leaves. 

Also, another reason is that, walking on the street carpeted by scattered ginkgo leaves gives me that surreal thrill. As if I'm walking on scattered gold foils. You know, walking never gets any fancier than this if it's not during autumn! 

Just when I thought I've had enough of all these autumn vibes, I suddenly realized that one can never be fully satisfied with what this season has to show off. I craved more, I stared longer than before, I stopped way too often just to ask Maru-chan to take pictures of me under the ginkgos. I got trapped in this yellow world and not even wanting to get out.

Truth be told, all the ginkgos look the same when they are seen from afar. But, once you get closer, stand below for a minute or two, look up and down observing your surroundings, you will notice that every tree gives different shades, and of course amount of leaves scattered around. Surely another factor that leads me to commit shutter button exploitation. 

My cute Maruti

What a fun evening. It's never a dull day whenever I have Maru-chan with me. And I'm so glad that we could enjoy autumn in yet different ambiance than before. It feels so dramatic to have Todai's picturesque Gothic architecture as  our background. 

Since the university is open for public, many people come here to enjoy the view, taking photograph or just casually taking their dogs out for a walk. Indeed a pleasing scene to see.

Hachiko and Dr. Ueno! Their story never fails to get me bursting in tears :')

Yasuda Auditorium, one of Todai's representative buildings that you can easily spot on Todai's related posters, books, and whatnot. From what I read somewhere online, this auditorium was designed after the gate tower of Cambridge University.

As the day got darker, Maru-chan and I chose to sit at the bench near the Yasuda Auditorium, munching to our snacks and having a chit-chat. Not long before we decided to leave Todai to have dinner at Shinjuku Gyoen. We opted for a warm halal chicken ramen since it was so chilly that day. We were in urgent need of something to warm our bodies up. 

The temperature gets colder and colder day by day. And apparently, I'm not at my fittest condition right now. I always could handle chilly weather very well before. But now, seems like my body isn't ready yet. I got completely beaten by the weather. I don't know what makes me so weak like this, but at least I've taken a medication and now struggling to be the best nurse for myself.

I'm writing this post with a slight fever just because it feels awkward to do nothing while the day is still bright. I skipped today's classes aiming to take a good rest. But I just can't help not doing anything, so I wrote this post! Haha, there are always two sides to every story, right? I'm ill and can't attend today's classes, but I still can be productive with my blog! :)

Well, see you guys anytime soon on the next post. I strolled to some cool places this time around and took so many pictures. I can't wait to share! Meanwhile, please enjoy this post and promise I'll be right back with a super fit condition <3 *fingercrossed*



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