31 December 2016

Twenty Sixteen 366/366 :)

Hello, it's me Shabrina back again in Morning Hope! I'm writing this in a super sunny afternoon, on the last 9 hours in 2016. And here we are now guys, reaching 2016's 366/366 already. Have you made any targets, challenges to tackle or destinations to hit in 2017?

For me, I've made some. Not that many, but still within my realizable scope. I'm more into continuing the lasting as well as trying some new, therapeutic, healthy habits. They're kind of small scaled but I believe they can bring significant effects to my life.

 Moreover, considering that my Master's study will be starting next year, I will definitely need to have a balance study hard-play hard(er) lifestyle. Truth be told, I'm so much thrilled in designing my life ahead! Hope you feel the same way for yours :)

I'm not gonna write a long post for now, I guess I'll do it next year which is just tomorrow. I've been going here and there this past few weeks, and I still have another plan for the new year's eve. That is to stay up all night with my Indonesian girls pretending to be Fifth Harmony in karaoke :p

Yeass, we will off to karaoke at 11 pm tonight, and sing out loud till 4 a.m on the next day, I mean next year. Done with karaoke, we will head straight to Meiji Jingu  in Harajuku for a hatsumode or the first shrine visit of the year.

We don't really pray at the shrine actually, but we're going there to enjoy the vibe of new year here in Japan. Japanese don't lit fireworks on new year like how we do in Indonesia or some other countries. The new year atmosphere here is more into spiritual activity by paying a visit to a shrine wishing for a good life ahead and gathering with family while having osechi ryori (New Year's special cuisine) :)

 Honestly, I'm so weak at staying up all night, the last time was five months ago when I struggled to finish my report and got to stay awake till 6 a.m. O boy that felt so unpleasant... But I'm sure this time would be 180 degrees different! Since I'm not going to stay awake for assignment. Ahoy!

Well, I think I need to stop now since I have to sleep to charge myself for tonight! I'm so stoked, since it is going to be my second time spending new year in Japan! But this time with another new circle in a new environment.

Hope you guys have a good time spending the new year eve. Whether you spend'll it outside, or at home, whichever I hope you guys enjoy it!! <3

Oh, and last but not least, thank you for always reading my blog this whole time. It means the whole world to me! I know, it's so difficult to consistently write a new post. But I do hope that I can do better next time! :)

Me in front of the Seto Shrine in Kanazawa Hakkei, Yokohma. 
Taken by Maruchan on 19th Dec, 2016:)

Cheers to more blessings in 2017,
and goodbye 2016, I learned a lot this year! (hopefully you did too).
See you on the next post guys, 



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