01 November 2016

Thank God It's Fall // A Visit to Massive Kochia Field in Ibaraki

Rather than a visit, it actually feels more like a pilgrimage to me. No exaggeration, I do have a serious obsession with Kochia, one of God's most pleasing masterpiece on earth. Green kochias are very refreshing to see. But the crimson ones are just out of this world. Think I can proclaim them as my spirit plant, my totem.

Bottom: Buckwheat, middle: Cosmos, top: Kochia

They're totally worth my 3-hours train ride. Yeah, that was all it takes from Tama Station, Tokyo to reach the majestic Hitachi Seaside Park in Ibaraki Prefecture. I know it was a long, long journey but it has always been a seasonal tradition for me to be in train for hours, getting out of Tokyo to enjoy flowers. To purify my sights.

And yeah, flower otaku does exist everybody. And Japan has been facilitating us flower otakus with numerous wonderful destinations, spreading all over the country. Making flower enjoying activity to a whole next level of seriousness. And the term "Hana Meguri", or I'd rather translate it as "flower pilgrimage", does exist in Japanese. Equipped with flower calendars to keep us updated about the kinds of varieties to enjoy every month.

So happy :)

Hey, meet my new friend, Marie-chan!

Apparently it wasn't only kochias that showed up at the party. This vast bed of pink cosmos were flirting with us too, by dancing nonstop to the wind. So cute, I know <3 
We were so lucky because all the beautiful flowers were in perfect bloom at the same time. Totally can't get enough of this view. This view reminds me to that famous quote about flower by Zen Shin, 
"A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it. It just blooms." 
Totally correct.

Oh, and just in case you're wondering about how the green kochias look like,
here it is,
Location: Oishi Park, Kawaguchi Lake, Yamanashi Prefecture.

This picture of green kochia was shot on Summer, exactly on mid July when I went to enjoy the lavender season in Yamanashi. How time flies! Now I just realized that I haven't shared anything on the blog about my lavender story. I will, I will! 

After all, I'm very grateful to be able to witness this natural splendour. Every trip was indeed a treat for the soul. And I'm so looking forward to the next hana meguri. Well, haven't really planned yet on what kind of flower I'm going to see next. Moreover, when it comes to Fall/Winter, the varieties become very limited.

But, one thing for sure I can't wait to enjoy the soon coming autumn foliage and will of course, share everything on the blog! The earliest one is gonna be this weekend, as I'm going to have an excursion to Mt. Takao with my Japanese friends who are majoring in Indonesian. And the second autumn trip is going to be a bit far, as I'm flying to southern part of Japan for the first time! Woohoo... Can't be more excited :)

Well, see ya on the next post guys!
It's the first day of the month again, hope you had a great time today.



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