26 October 2016

Once isn't enough. I'll be right back, India!

Exactly a month ago today, I was bubbling with all sorts of excitement that I couldn't even explain concretely. I wasn't able to sleep. I wanted morning to come faster. I giggled every time I looked at my packed suitcase and backpack.

But, side to side with the excitement, anxiety hit me hard at times. "Don't be too friendly. Never accept anything from stranger. Know when to cut unnecessary conversation. Don't go out without a clear destination. Don't bla, and don't bla, and don't bla bla bla." I set some rules for myself to obey with a help of some tips from Naomi, my Japanese friend who majors in Hindi.

Yep, India. You have no idea how flustered I was on the day before I started my journey towards you. This time, I literally traveled solo for the first time in my life. Yeah, I always have my friends or at least, one companion with me on every trip that I've been to. So that's why I felt challenged in a way that I couldn't even describe.

But the strange thing is that, mom was very very calm! Throughout our chats and phone calls, I didn't find any nervousness nor fear from her voice tone, as well as in her chat atmosphere. I mean, normally I could easily find out how she felt about me by examining several paralinguistic aspects that appear within our communication. But this time, I found zero. How unbelievable! Haha.

But this is a super good thing, when your mom believes that you can handle everything by yourself. This gives you an undeniably enormous amount of energy. So that the energy that you usually use to convince her that you'll be doing okay, can be allocated 100% to convince yourself that you'll just be (SUPER) fine.

So, after spending 5 hours laying in bed, here came the day that I had prepared everything since May. 5:20 am, I looked at every corner in my cozy room and told them, "I'll be back in a week." I pulled my suitcase, got out of my room and pressed the lock button.

"I'm coming to you, India!" :)

Sikh temple

Hindhu temple

Indians are so lovely

Those are some snaps that I managed to take on my second day, during a morning walk at a village in Chandigarh. Except that the first photo was taken on the sky, when I was sitting in Air India waiting eagerly for what kind of food I'd get for lunch. 

7 days, tons of memories, stories and encounters. Everything was beautifully surprising for me. You know, it's so hard for me to decide from where to start writing about my India journey. Even though right now, I'm dying to share every single thing  and detail. At least, while all the memories are still fresh in mind. Well, if I can't do it now, let's consider this post as a sneak peek then! I'll try to come up with a better story arrangement on the next post. Meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the photos!

Anyways, it's 00:07 in Tokyo. Gotta sleep asap, as I've made a deal with myself to sleep at no later than 1 am, lol. 

Will be right back on the next post, as soon as possible!
Good night from this side of universe :)



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