05 September 2016

Summer Photo Roll En Route from Odaiba to Shinbashi Station

Not being able to zoom is such a pain in the ass (well, at first!). That's exactly what I felt when taking my 50mm lens out for a 31st August stroll. Here's some shots that I manage to take from the Yurikamome train window, en route from Odaiba to Shinbashi Station. This was on the way back from the starry and dreamy DMM.Planets exhibition. Promise, I'm gonna share about this exhibition later, but first please enjoy this photo roll! ;)

Bought this 50mm lens three years ago in Indonesia, but I barely got the chance to really shoot with it. The main reason is because it went crazily uncontrollable sometimes. I mean, for a person who relies too much to zoom ring like me, working with this gear isn't easy at all. I had always gone bananas every time I shot with this dude. I always felt irritated whenever the object always looked so damn big, no matter how far I had moved backward!

But this time, after stuck with tons of trials and errors, I started to get accustomed to it. Quite surprised to my perseverance this time, despite the fact that I actually brought the 18-55mm lens kit along as well. But I just didn't run to it at all! :D 

Whoop, what a major leap in shooting with 50mm! I promise, I'll try to take you on a stroll more often from now on, buddy! xx

Fuji Terebi / Fuji Television Building! One of the recommended place to check out if you're visiting Odaiba and especially if you're into television broadcasting industry!

Unintentional close-up look of rainbow bridge and I kinda loving it. Thanks to the 50mm lens for doing the job without having me to configure the zooming, lol.

Rainbow brigde again

Spot Tokyo Tower back there?

Oh, and talking about my biggest craving lately... I need a smaller camera. I already set my eye on Canon G7x Mark II! I can't fall in love more with this small but powerful camera after got the chance to touch and shoot with it when I called on Bic Camera, one of Japan's biggest electronic malls. I was a bit confused back then, whether to give it a go to another brand such as Fuji (XE series) or Sony (RX100 series). 

But, after comparing all those brands based on my hands-on experience in the store, Canon won my very attention! Not to mention that my current gear is Canon as well, so that it's not gonna be too hard for me to get familiar with it. And most importantly, it got all the quality that I wanted, either for shooting pictures or videos.

So excited to be back to the store and bring it home! xD

The famous Studio Ghibli Steam Punk Clock designed by Hayao Miyazaki, located just outside the Nippon Television Tower! They said that it will chime four times a day. Kinda curious to see/enjoy it chiming with a glockenspiel show! Oh, how cool is that? :D 

Gomennasai for this mischievous shot, Sir!

What a fun day with the 50mm buddy!

Now I just realized that the pictures above are my last day of Summer 2016. Well, Japanese do mark August 31st as the last day of Summer and 1st of September as the beginning of Autumn. Even though actually the temperature hasn't changed at all. That now is still hot. But, I just  realized that the humidity change is quite significant! Lately, I'm getting to get rid of the stickiness on the skin that we used to experience every day during summer.  And I'm very happy for this! No more beta-beta skin! (beta-beta means sticky or gooey in Japanese).

Oh and another significant difference lies on the sky! As I'm writing this post now, I look up back and forth to the sky and feel like, "ah, Autumn sky it is!". Do you realize this change too?

Anyway, I'm so excited for this month as I'll travel to India for a youth conference on the end of the month! Just so you know, I've been dying to visit India and the urge got stronger and stronger earlier this year. And voila! God opened the way for me to visit this country on this very month! Hopefully everything goes smoothly and well in terms of preparations. So relieved that I got the conference visa in my hand already. All I got to do now are of course to study the topics that will be discussed in the conference and prepare for packing things up! 

Ah, I'm so excited! I can't help no to smiling every day :D

Meanwhile waiting for my journey abroad, I got to work hard for my research plan. And also studying for the master entrance exam that's approaching as well! Guess September is a month full with piles of works. But I gotta be happy and ready! 

Hope you'll have a blast on this very month and enjoy every single day! 

See you on the next post ;)



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