30 August 2016

#HelloPaulSmith Tokyo Exhibition 2016 (Part II)

Whoop! Finally I'm back again after three weeks of hiatus. So good to be back with lots of stories and positive changes within myself. I guess I can proudly say that I nailed August to the fullest! I did many exciting things (summer camp with junior high school students is pretty much the highlight i guess?), met new friends and reunited with the old ones, back to pottery workshop and got my hand all dirty with clay (this time I made a plate! yeay!), played tourist around Tokyo and Yokohama with my best friends and lotsss more! Oops, did I forget to mention about the weekly study group for the incoming grad school entrance exam? Yeah, this one is also smoothly going on! :D How's your life update so far? Hope you're rolling well in this summer <3

Well, let's continue the #throwback post about my favorite exhibition by the oh-so-genius Sir Paul Smith, #HelloPaulSmith. If you're kinda losing track of what I wrote here, you might want to check the Part I post, here! :)

The ticket and pink earphones as the exhibition merchandise.

Please do enjoy scrolling this post down.

Section #5:

"I constantly strive for individuality - we never work to a formula" - Paul Smith

This explained why every of his masterpiece speaks differently. I'm not gonna lie, even a button in a Paul Smith shirt looks magically eccentric. Much kudos to this man of idiosyncrasy.

Section #6:

This section probably sits on my top three of most favorite parts in this exhibition. I just love how clever they showcase Paul's first show (1976) in a cartoon-like manner if that makes sense. Felt like enjoying a 4D comic strip!


"My first collection comprised of just six shirts, two jumpers and two suits..."

This modest show has been marked as Paul's stairway to success. By 1993, Paul had been consistently producing menswear. He was the key role in changing British society's perception towards "suit". In 1980, along with Italy's notable designer, Mr. Armani, Paul attempted to make a softer suit that could be worn more informally rather than juts for funerals and weddings. 

In regard of this, he then coined the term "classics with a twist".

After discovering that 15% of his collection were purchased by women, he then started a women's collection in 1995. But still, inspired by his menswear cutting! Menswear inspired womenswear? Because why not.

Still in this section, Paul narrated more about his then-girlfriend (now wife), Pauline Denyer. I found this area is extremely personal, romantic and touching at the same time. As if Paul invited us the visitors to sneak into the other side of him as a loyal lover to his partner, to whom he said he owed so much. I just love it when he linked his first show that is known as the starting point of his huge success to Pauline's involvement in his life. This is too sweet, period.

Oh, don't you remember that he also wrote about Pauline in Section #2: THE FIRST SHOP? Sir Paul Smith is defo my ideal man to marry. lol. Don't laugh, it's true! Let me know if there's another man who's brilliant at color combining and still incredibly gentlemen-like and romantic. 


Section #7:

See the installation above? It's what literally urged and brought me here to this exhibition.  It was all started when I happened to see someone's posting #HelloPaulSmith on instagram and I was like "omg, what's with this cute pinky thing with giant table lamp and huge yellow sticky note?"At that time, the exhibition was still held in Kyoto, so I got to wait for around two weeks before it finally came to Tokyo! <3 Ah, thank you instagram! Without you, I might never get updated to some cool events happening in town. Totally.

So pink, so Paul Smith! <3
(Truth be told, I'm dying to carry this set home!! I mean, who doesn't?)

Section #8:

In this section, Paul showcased his unending brilliant skill in designing and playing with colors. But this time, not with fabrics as what he usually does but with various range of products, such as car, motorbike, camera, radio, and many more! 

Paul Smith x Rover Mini

Thomas Goode Breakfast Collection (2001)

Triumph Motorbike (2006)

Roberts Radio (2008)
This collaboration of Paul Smith and Roberts was a celebration for Paul's Westbourne House 10th Anniversary. As you can see, each radio is encased in floral printed leather and only 30 were made!

Evian (2009)

Leica X2 (2012)

Amusing color block as always.

This Leica x Paul Smith edition was limited to just 1,500 pieces. The highlights of this product are of course, Paul's color choice for the body and a hand-drawn "light-bulb" doodle. Well, I myself not a particular fan of this green color shade, since I'm more into pastel colors and blue-hues. But I still found this product interesting, especially for the vivid orange application.



Section #9:

"I hate shops that all look the same - I love individuality.
We design all our own shops. I want each of the them to have its own character and one which reflects its setting in some way."- Paul Smith

So true. Every shop has their own character, color, and mood. Peculiarity is the key.

What's great about this section is that, he also exhibited some key pieces of the materials used in every shop. Interesting!

Just across this section, there was this huge button wall.... On which I feasted my eyes, that have always been in color-hunger!

Say hi to Maru-chan, guys! :p

Clumsy pose don't care xD

Section #10:

The suits above are my fave items! Looking bold and dapper at the same time <3


Impressive prints, bold and edgy cuttings, all in soft-shimmering materials. Awesome!

The Souvenir Shop:

Electric blue ftw!
All them cute pencils....

Some fancy Paul Smith Erasers?

So, that's all! Maru-chan and I really had a ball at this exhibition. Spending 2,5 hours to bunch of pleasing masterworks and now I'm completely admiring Sir Paul Smith-both as a designer, and as a man.
Totally the best exhibition I've been to so far. Cheers to more fascinating exhibitions to come! ;)

Till the next post, dear you beautiful souls!



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