07 August 2016

#HelloPaulSmith Tokyo Exhibition 2016 (Part 1)

Mi favorite. Snapped this at  the Paul's Art Wall section. Trust me it wasn't googled.

Yeah! Been intensely eyeing this exhibition through instagram, and finally made it to #HelloPaulSmith Tokyo! Ah I still can't get over it as it was literally awesome, visually and mentally satisfying. Moreover, it was a perfect Sunday with my ultimate travelling soulmate, Maru-chan.

With only a very limited prior knowledge about Sir Paul Smith, I was (and even now am still!) bubbling with excitement when I got the ticket in my hand. Exploring (almost) every inch of the exhibition, taking pictures like there's no tomorrow, now I got to say that, I'm completely obsessed with this fashion genius. As if I'm dying to break down what's inside his head just to know what kind of world he's been seeing to create all of his masterpieces. 

Without further explanation, let's hurry sneak inside #HelloPaulSmith world. You guys ready?

Section #1: 


Paul Smith's LA flagship store. Major love this pink cubic, warehouse-like store.

Section #2:

"Initially the shop was open only on Friday and Saturday, the rest of the week I was doing anything to earn some money.

It is important to have a dream but also to be able to support that dream - in my case it was supported by doing many freelance jobs."-Paul Smith

So many things every visitor can learn from his exhibition. Including, balancing high hanging dream and reality with logic, and hard work (both mentally and financially) to support that dream.

Okay, so we'll discuss more about how deep Paul love is to Pauline, on the next post.

Homer the Afghan Hound

Section #3:

literally a pleasing knick-knack galore

Spot that "wayang kulit" miniature?! #proudIndonesianalert

Spaghetti on top of spaghetti shirt <3 

... and yet another spaghetti

Section #4:

"Ideas can come from anywhere."

As Paul said. He uses many things as references, such as films, artists, photography and general observation. To him, colour is important.

"This could mean printing familiar things in unexpected colours."

Paul and team develop their signature eye-catching stripes by winding colour yarn around cardboard which slowly builds up to create a stripe. In this way, it can be examined how colours work together and how the balance of the stripe will work on a garment.

With all of these patterns and colors, there's only one thing in my head right now:

Spotted my girl's crush, the queen of slay: Emily Jean Stone.

"The print design alone takes up a lot of my attention."


If you're living around Tokyo, or perhaps you're on a trip in Tokyo... You should really drop by this exhibition or simply adding it to your travel itinerary! Just because it's super duper awesome. I swear!

Tokyo exhibition period: 
July 27 - August 23, 2016

Ueno Royal Museum

Operational Hour:
11 a.m - 6 p.m (8 p.m on Friday!)

1,500 Yen (adults), 
1,200 Yen (College & Senior High Students), 
500 Yen (Elementary&Junior High Students)

The exhibition will later move to Nagoya and open around September! 
Kindly access #HelloPaulSmith for further information! ;)

I guess it's enough for this 1st part post. I'll be back very soon to complete this #HelloPaulSmith series! Soooo many pictures I took and I just wanted to show you as many as possible, of course in a not crazy lengthy way since I've done this on my previous post, lol! xD

Well, well... I hope you guys enjoy this post just as much as I enjoyed writing it! ;)



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