11 November 2014

Hokkaido: 65th Sapporo Snow Festival

Hi guys! This is it... Sapporo snow festival 2014 photo galore as I promised you <3

I went to 2 out of 3 sites of this festival, which are Susukino Site and Odori Park Site. The festival was really great and amazing! All along  the main street of Susukino, as well as Odori Park area were packed with people being busy admiring and taking photographs of/ with the works,just like me hehe. Another site was at Tsudomu Site, but we didn't go there since the site was quite separated from Sapporo city. Well, may be next time?

I've googled about this huge event, and found out that originally it was all started when some local high school students built a few snow statues at Odori Park in 1950. Later, it developed into a more huge event and finally became commercialized like you guys recognized nowadays.

More than two million visitors from Japan and across the world gather every year in this biggest and most famous winter festival in Japan! So, are you planning to see these amazing snow and ice sculptures festival next year? save the date people! Sapporo Snow Festival 2015 will be held from February 5th-11th. Go, hurry book your flight and hotel since I know you wont regret coming to this event! ;)

Oh, there's only one thing I regret from coming to this festival. That is, I didn't come on the first day of the festival. So... you might be wondering what is special on the first day? On the first day we can see the participants carving the ice sculptures with chain saws and other power tools. It is said that the participants must race against the clock in order to finish their magnificent works before the day ends. So it's kind of ice sculpting show that I bet it's gonna be really interesting to see! Well, well, again... next time may be?

Susukino Site

Although I didn't really explore Susukino area except for coming to this snow festival, it is said that Susukino is Sapporo's biggest entertainment district where you can enjoy a night out. More than 100 ice sculptures were exhibited at this site and lit up daily until 23:00 (22:00 on the last day).

Me in front of The Runner-up of 2014 ice sculpture contest, "KIMONO". I really love the details of this work. 

Dominica mama and Maru-chan ^^

People can enjoy drinking and chatting inside this ice bar

Some works were made to be enjoyed like this! Sooo fun!

Sitting has never been this fancy if it wasn't this ice bench!

Ice sculpture from a sushi restaurant. So you know, whether it is as a country representative, organization, commercial products, restaurants or individuals, you can participate in this event!

In front of the famous Sapporo Beer sculpture

Beautiful, starry view across the festival site

well, that was all form Susukino Site. Now, let's move to the main site that is Odori Park!

Odori Park Site

Here is the main site of Sapporo Snow Festival which stretches for 1.5 km long, where giant snow sculptures are exhibited. Some other attractions like snow-boarding competitions and concerts are held at this area as well. Besides dozen of giant sculptures, the Odori Park site also exhibits hundreds of smaller statues. This place is just sooo great <3 I had lots of fun here with my friends. Taking photographs, joking around, and the most important thing is eating yummy winter snacks while walking down the street of Odori Park!Too bad I didn't manage to take the photo of the snacks... 

Sapporo TV Tower
You can also enjoy the marvelous view of Odori Park form the observatory deck inside this tower. Admission fee: 720 Yen per adult.

a splendid work by Taiwan team

A sculpture about 2014 Winter Olympics

a majestic work by Malaysia team 

in front of the snow Totoro!

Visitors could play at the sculpture as well

And this one is my favorite! a fabulous and dreamy work by Indian team. I guess everyone also made this one as their most favorite since it also came with great presentation. The team projected a video-mapping show with beautiful music as well. I was so stunned!

The video-mapping told a story about a phoenix

 I wish I could take a better image :(

Sooo cool isn't it??

Below are some smaller sculptures brought by organizations, company as well as individuals participants.



cute coca cola can design special for Sapporo Snow Festival

That's all about 65th Sapporo Snow Festival which I attended this year! I hope you enjoy this post, and I will be really glad if you drop your comments about this post, or you can just ask me anything ;)

See ya on the next post guys! 




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