30 November 2013

Gold Memories // Showa Memorial Park

Should I say goodbye to autumn like completely ? The fact, I'm no longer able to see that beautiful golden leaves lately in my surroundings and I just can't describe how I miss them so much. But still, I can't thank God enough for making me able to see them, even though only for a little while. It was such a great moment with Autumn, and surely I will never forget it. I promise to myself that I will meet Autumn again later on in life. So, no need to worry then ! :)

As I promised you in my previous post, I'm gonna tell you more about the beautiful park that I visited two weeks ago.

The Outer Part of The Park

The photos that you saw on the previous post as well as the photos above are the ones that were snapped during our walks to the entrance gate. We stopped walking like for scores of times here, because we saw too many interesting things and just couldn't help hitting our cameras' shutter buttons like for thousand times. Yep, we weren't even in the main spot yet everybody ! 

Okay, now let's move to the main spot, that is the inner part ! 

The Inner Part of The Park

1. Here in the inner part you will be welcomed by a row of Ginkgo trees. They were standing     breathtakingly beautiful, no lie ! :)

Everybody was so happy bellow these ginkgo trees ! <3

2. At the end of the shady ginkgo pathway, you'll find this view. as seen in the photos below xD

Anybody know what's the name of the trees with red leaves ? I love them too anyway ! <3

3. Kids Playground. This place was just too cute to be true. When the wind blew a bit strong, the flower shaped windmill would spin and the kids were so happy looking at it :D 

Do you spot Japan map there ? ;)

6. Keep walking and you'll find this fantastic view across the bridge

Believe me, I used the standard mode to take these pics, and yeah, the pictures tell it all. The magnificence of God's work :) I'm running out of words.. 

7. A perfect twilight scenery by the Lake. I just love seeing how the universe conspired to create a romantic ambiance  while letting the sun sink in silent. I tell you, here is one of the perfect places to spend the evening with the ones you love. By rowing a boat together for instance ? ;)

Spot the ducks ? xD

Ah I love this girl's poncho !

8. A pleasing tree reflection on the way to the exit gate.You will love the calming atmosphere here. A perfect goodbye spot to the park and all its beauties.

9. The last play time before exit gate!

Yeay ! What a fun day back then :)

Basic information about the park 

Opening Hours:
09:30-18:00 (weekend and national holidays. Varies according to the season)
09:30-16:30 (December-February)

Park Entrance Fee: 
400 Yen (General/Adult), 80 Yen (Children)

Oh, I think have a few tips for you guys if you're planning to visit  Showa Memorial Park later on.

1. This park is extremely vast and have so many interesting spots. I recommend you to come no later than 12 p.m. because you guys won't be able to enjoy all the attractions. Even if you can, it must be in a hurry. And I'm sure it ain't fun.

2. As long as I remember, there was only one restaurant inside the park. So I guess it is better for you to bring your snacks or meals from home just in case you're reluctant to queue, since the restaurant will always be crowded.

3. I didn't see many vending machines inside the park, so don't forget to bring along your own drinks as well. Remember, this park is sooo vast. Just don't get yourself dehydrated. 

Well, I think that's all about Showa Memorial Park. Also, I think I'm done with my Autumn memories. It was so quick like a blink of an eye, but it's okay since I had so much fun back then ! 

See you on the next post ! ;)




  1. .. so awesome .. ^_^
    super beautiful .... very great experience ... !!! <3

  2. How sad to say goodbye to autumn so quickly.
    It was really really beautiful !!
    I'll miss the park and the beautiful scene and also my glasses.....
    But I believe winter will bring us different beauty !
    Let's have more fun in winter :D

  3. chanced upon your blog and enjoy reading it! :)

  4. wooow keren!!
    refelction's tree snapshot, I like the most
    waiting for your winter post(s) :D


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