04 October 2013

Sneak Peek : Kyoto Day 2

"Keep true to the dreams of thy youth"
-Friedrich von Schiller
My summer holiday had officially ended. I may say that my heart even had no more space for another happiness every time I recall the things that I did back in my summer days. Yes, I did enjoy my journeys so much even though the heat of summer still sticks like one thing which I won't forget. And of course, I thank God for this fantastic summer holiday :)

Finally now I'm back to that daily life as a college student. The second week of Fall Term, and I enjoy these college days so much. I miss  these kind of days and I feel alive again, like peculiarly and literally. I just realized that I enjoy sitting in the class, listening to what the lecturer explains, taking notes, participating in group discussion, and so on. Even now I think that studying in the class is also an art! Yes, the art of student's daily life. When drowsiness strikes me in the middle of the lecture, I will do so many things that can keep me awake during the class. Then, I regard that action as the art of surviving! Or may be you have another interpretation about the correlation of art and student life. 
And yes, I really really love my life as a student. I think to be a college student is the best thing which I can feel so far. Daring to take the risks, starting to think more about the future, staying up late for assignments, etc. Then I always whisper to my soul, saying a promise that someday I will reward myself a bright future filled with unforgettable lessons and moments, after this long long journey that I've been through. Oh God, I think that sweet and faithful promise is the most romantic thing that I can do for myself. And absolutely I still want to continue this journey and I don't want to pass the finish line yet.

Ahaha I think I blabber to much about my student life until I forget to show you the sneak peek photo which is the highlight of this post. Anyway, I still don't know when I will be able to update this blog again and load its page with Kyoto day 2 photos because so many to do list for this month. But I will try my best because this blog is also one of my priorities right now. Yosh!

So, till the next post and enjoy your life because you're fantastic in every way ! 




  1. Kyoto is such a charming and peaceful city! oh i miss it :)

    Letters To Juliet

  2. Always makes me inspired and excite
    and always miss you . . . <3 ^_^

  3. I'm so jelly! I wish I can go to Japan :(


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