09 September 2013

Bus Trip to Ikaho (Part Two)

Hey guys ! still can't believe that my Fall Term is drawing near. Yesterday I slept at 4 in the morning, I was busy gazing at my syllabus carefully, choosing lectures that I wanna take (read: devote) for this term. It was a really really confusing night. But thank God, I've already chosen the lectures that I like and I hope they can relate to my graduation thesis that I'll write in advance. And last but not least, I think I'm starving for comprehension or may I say that I ridiculuosly miss studying in class room ? Haha :D

Anyway, here for you, photo bomb of my second day of Ikaho trip. Cho-chan and I  went to see a waterfall in the next day. It was a different kind of waterfall. Usually I saw waterfall from the bottom of it, but this time I was enjoying waterfall from above and looked down to see the water was falling so beautifully ! It was fantastic :) 
Hope you enjoy this post. Ready to scroll down ? ;> 

We got cute pink yukatas ! We wore the yukatas to the onsen (hot spring). It was a really joyful moment, making me wanna go there again :D

Just by the time we got back to our room after having supper, we found that the hotel staff already set the futon (Japanese style bedding) for us. We were so surprised and happy at the same time because at first we thought that we had to spread the futon by ourselves haha.

Second day !

The fascinating blue sky of summer. It was just perfect.

By the way, I'm so excited because tomorrow I'm leaving by Shinkansen towards Hiroshima and proceed to Okayama with my lecturers and college friends ! :) I promise I will show you a lot of good shots and stories as soon as I get back :>

Well, take care and till the next post ! xx,



  1. Wow . wow ... !!!
    I really wanted to visit this place
    Gorgeous, beautiful, enchanting
    The photos are so amazing .. fabulous!! <3 <3

    1. hi, thank you ! Your comment really makes my day ! :D

  2. wow nice pictures!!! amazing place! love the yukatas!

    The Petite Blogger

  3. nice post!!! looks you had amazing trip <333


    1. Hi thank you Livia. It's really an unforgettable trip :D

  4. omg this trip looked INSANE! it's been my dream to go there and i hope to go there soon! looks like you had an amazing time

    1. I hope your dream comes true, Mary ! Thank you for dropping by :)

  5. So many great pictures!!Where do I start!?!?!?ahah
    The place you stayed at looks so nice!!
    And you guys look very cute in your yukatas^_^
    Didn't get to see much of the food but I bet it was great(:
    The waterfall looks amazing, you're so lucky!!
    Thank you again for sharing your adventures with us^_^

    1. I can't thank you enough Dianna for your sweet comments !! <3
      Yeah, I enjoyed so much my stay in that hotel, and the foods they served were just amazing ! I couldn't even eat them all since I was so stoked ! haha :D
      I hope you have great days ! Always waiting for your outfit post ! xx


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