28 August 2013

Yamanashi: Natural Splendour All Along The Way

Hi guys so happy to be back again! How's life ? Thank God, mine was very great. I went to three different prefectures in two days, last Sunday to Monday. Now I'm packing my stuffs (again), because I'm going to Kyoto tonight and will be staying there for a week. I will try my best to keep this blog alive during my days in Kyoto *fingercrossed*

I went to Yamanashi Prefecture along with Cho and Maru two weeks ago like I've said in my Asakusa post, and I just fall in love with thいs place ! I love the fresh air, the extremely beautiful scenery all along the way, the delicious fresh fruits, and so on. I'm running outta words to describe my love towards Yamanashi. Yamanashi is just so wonderful. I'm sure I'm going to be back again, on winter maybe ? ;)

Took a bus tour, we departed at 7:30 in the morning from Yokohama. It took about three hours to reach Yamanashi. Leaving the building panorama in photos above as well as Yokohama rush, here we were sitting in the bus, sipping hot ocha while enjoying greenery scenes from the window. Because to sleep is  to waste the view, I chose not to sleep but worked my finger to hit my camera shutter button. 

 Mt. Fuji covered with clouds

We arrived at the first destination of the trip. This is Yamanako Hana no Minato park. I know, it's long enough to memorize the name of this place. August is the time for Zinnia, Cosmos and Sun Flower to show off their beauties. I kept screaming in my heart, that I will take my mom here someday. She loves flower so much ! No doubt that she's gonna love this place.

Hello Sunny ! 

 Zinnia Flowers 

Look ! Our flying buddies dropped by for a while to say hi to us !

I guess, it's not bad at all to get lost in flower field :>

The second destination, Mount Fuji ! Nope, we didn't climb we just had a slow and fun walks around Mt. Fuji's 5th Station from which the climbers start their climbs. The temperature in the 5th station area just was like spring temperature. It was about 20 degrees celcius.

Mt. Fuji KitKat 

We walked to the shrine, where Cho and Maru stopped for awhile, clapped their hands twice and started praying :)
Post Office. We can post a post card with a special stamp which indicates that we send the post card from Mt. Fuji. Interesting :D

Mt. Fuji is only opened during summer for climbing because during this period the ice on the peak is melting. Just like we see in this photo, we see no snow decorating this highest point of Japan. That's why I want to come back to see this mount again next winter. Yes, I will !

We reached the last destination already, grape picking ! Yamanashi is also well-known for its  fruits, especially Yamanashi grape. So so so yummy ! We should have cut just one bunch, not two. Because in the end we couldn't finish eating them all. We were sooo stoked with grapes. But above it all, it was a really nice experience to eat grapes, fresh from grapevine :D

Well, till the next adventure guys ! Hoping you're doing fine as ever :)



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