17 August 2013

Sneak Peak : Asakusa Trip

Hi ! I'm so excited right now because tomorrow I'm going to Yamanashi prefecture, a prefecture that is located in Chubu Region, and will have so much fun there ! Wait for the photos and the stories, kay ?! :) 
Since I have to wake up early to catch the 5:52 a.m train tomorrow, it means that I must go to bed soon xD

But, I will not let you wait in boredom, because I've already prepared a sneak peak for you about my Asakusa trip ! So, last Wednesday I went  to Asakusa conquering the never ending heat of Japan's summer, jostling with so many visitors in Sensoji Temple and continued walking until I reached the place where Tokyo Sky Tree is planted. Well well, the rests will be posted as soon as I get back from Yamanashi ! :>

May you enjoy the video people ! <3

Sensoji Temple

I promise I'll bring you more interesting photos, information and stories as soon as I come back. Till the next post, and hope you enjoy your Sunday ! :)




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