01 July 2013

Ueno Trip: Ueno Zoo & Ameyoko

Welcoming July, the month that will still keep me jostling with tests and assignments even  seems like they're gonna be more and more intense in a week later and I'm pretty sure about that haha. But just like what my mom always says to me, "it is better for you to pass this hard journey now because the people who are on the top of their jobs like you always see, are the ones that never give up and enjoy every stage of life process". Couldn't agree more, Mom!

Well, I managed to pass June with various feelings that I can't describe them well. But one thing that I know, I am so happy that I could spend a lot of time with my friends going here and there, enjoying weekends. I even went to zoo twice in June! haha. I went to Ueno Zoo and Zoorasia, a zoo located in Yokohama. Then I realized that growing up isn't that scary, even during my childhood time I never go to the zoo twice a month :">

So still about my one day Ueno trip with my lecturer and my best girls. After we went to Tokyo National Museum, we ran in a hurry because it was 3 p.m already and the zoo was gonna be closed around 5 p.m.

Ueno zoo is Japan's oldest zoo opened on March 20, 1882.

automatic ticket machine. It costed 600 yen for adults, 200 yen for elementary and junior high students, and free for children aged 0-12.

Let's sneak into the zoo and greet the cute creatures inside! :)

I can't help screaming outta happiness since it was my very first time seeing polar bear right in front of my eyes. It wasn't just me anyway, but everybody in my surrounding as well haha. But actually I'm a bit anxious with that polar bear and the penguins. I doubt they can survive well in Japan's humid summer that's coming near already. It isn't summer yet in this  period but the temperature is getting higher everyday. But I hope they're gonna be fine although it must be hard since here isn't their habitat. 

We were so excited at first since we were so keen to see Riri the famous panda of Ueno zoo. But unfortunately, Riri was sleeping and didn't let us see his cute face.

 hmm however, it's nice to meet you, Riri!

This bear was too lazy to move. What an opposite view when we visited the polar bear, haha!

Life's too short to be taken seriously. I bet this seal knew it better than me.
look at its face! xD

The handsome polar bear xD

Let's move to the birds section

We ended up our trip in the zoo since it was already the closing time. Personally, I like Yokohama's Zoorasia better after visiting it yesterday. But visiting Ueno zoo was also my pleasure since it has a relation with Japan's history.

 Anyway, I think I'm gonna write a post about Zoorasia next time! :">

a shrine near the exit gate of the zoo

Now, heading to Ameyoko

Here it is Ameyoko, the short form of "Ameya-Yokocho" (Candy Store Alley, related to traditional candy).  Ameyoko  is a busy market street located next to Ueno Station. As you can see, it was so crowded here.

Dinner time!

Time to go back to dorm and we parted with our lecturer. Everybody was so tired since we spent hours walking here and there. 

It was a really blessed Sunday that I could spent all day long with my beloved ones, laughing out loud everywhere and the weather was friendly although it was showering a bit in the evening. Whitney did so many cute things and made us run outta voice since we couldn't stop laughing. Sadly, she will be back to America next month. I wish, it isn't July yet. Or is it a warning that we have to make more and more memories before we're all really apart? 



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