02 June 2013

Welcoming June and Early Birthday Presents

Hi Everybody! :) Today is Sunday and not like usually, I stay at the dorm all day long today because lots of housework need to be accomplished as soon as possible. Oh, and how about you? Are you going out today? :)

Still can't believe it's June already! Yesterday was exactly my second month since left for my homeland, Indonesia! How time flies... yes, I've been saying it hundred times, period.

Anyway, how's your June resolutions? Have you made one? ;)
I've made some though they're not really big things but I made them in order to improve my daily-life-surviving-skill. Yeah, I know it's complicated! haha.

So, here we go my June resolutions list:

  • Study more and manage to accomplish my Japanese essay (there is an essay contest held by my uni for foreign students)
  • Clean my dorm room more often (yeah by the time I'm writing this post, my room condition is kinda censor-able, I swear)
  • Wash my clothes twice a week (at least before they're getting as high as mount Fuji!)
  • Write my daily expenditure before I go to sleep (yes, this is the most important thing, people! I often forgot to do this and it resulted on a slight crisis at the end of the month. So bad, I know -_-)
  • Blogging in a regular period
  • Not to be a moody one, be more thankful to God and live happier!
Well,  six points for this sixth month, wish me succeed to accomplish all of them, yosh..
Basically, I'm a structurally working person which means I always draw an outline before I start doing a project. So just like you see my resolutions above, they're gonna guide me to pass my June so that I wish I won't walk outside the path that I made. But it doesn't mean that I can't deal with spontaneity. I love something spontaneous, but still, dealing with structure always manage to make me feel secured ;)

Talking about June, this is just a day before my birthday! Gosh, today is my last day as a "teenager" since tomorrow there won't be "teen" anymore in my age. Yes people, I'm turning TWENTY! <3
Although tomorrow is my birthday, but I already received some birthday presents! haha... I bet there is nothing like "too early to be happy" right? 

As you can see from my facebook page, I already posted this photos below around 2 weeks ago. Yeah, my cute Maru-chan (exchange student from Taiwan) gave me this as a super early birthday present after our day out to Ikebukuro! Too cute to resist, isn't it? A cute "S-shaped" Kitty Charm! 

But fortunately, that sweet thing hasn't finished yet. As you can see the picture below, that cute thing hanging on my door handle was another cute thing that Maru-chan gave me last Friday night when I just got back from my uni. I found it around 9 p.m. Guess the shape, guys...

No, it's not a chicken. That's the one who lives in a pineapple under the sea, Sponge Bob Square Pants! hahahaha >.< That cute pink balloon flower is too cute! 

Not to mention how talented she is for making me such lovely and complicated work! She said she made this for an hour and a half.. and I just can't imagine if I have to make one, perhaps I can't accomplish it even for a lifetime xP

She also wrote me a letter, it's so sweet and sincere till I can't stand my tears falling down slowly.. :) but... there is a funny story behind this early birthday present.

Maru-chan thought that my birthday party was gonna be held on that Friday night, so that's why she was so excited making the balloon as soon as she reached dorm after uni :)) Yeah, but above all I can't thank her enough for being such a nice friend for me (y). Yeah, you know I'm feeling like I'm the luckiest one.

This one below is another early birthday present I received from En-chan (exchange student from China). Isn't it uber cute?! 

That key charm above was stealthily bought at Ikebukuro too when we went there together :) Thank you very much En-Chan!! love you much <3 
Haha, what a blessed Friday night! I got two early birthday presents from my beloved girls.

And the last is a self-birthday-present ! Yeah, after 2 months of waiting finally I  got my Japanese phone! I bought it yesterday at Yodobashi Camera near Yokohama Station with my mentor, Osawa Chie. I decided to buy this pre-paid phone by softbank. It only costs 3,000,- yen/ 2 months. Though it only can be used for messaging and calling, but I think this type suits me best. The reason is because I feel reluctant to spend too much money every month for a cellphone service, since one of my goals in Japan is to travel a lot! (y)

Perhaps you're wondering why I have to wait for 2 months to have a cellphone. Yeah, the time I arrived here I was 19 and regarded as an underage society or in Japanese we say miseinen. There were kinda some issues related an underage cellphone contract for foreigners because their parents aren't in Japan. Knowing about that, the head of Office of International Affairs in my uni helped me to tackle it. He filled in my cell phone contract permission sheet so that I was allowed to buy a cellphone! Woohoo! <3
Actually if I buy the phone tomorrow, that permission sheet isn't necessary since I'm already regarded as an adult. But because I thought yesterday was the right time, so I had no other options but to buy it hehe.

I really thank God for all the days that I've passed here. I was far from my beloved people in my homeland but God allowed me to meet new people, gain a lot of helps from them and everything always turns to be a good thing to remember :) I can't describe how happy I am
for this life.

Well people, see you on the next post. Wishing you a happy Sunday! xx

Oops, I almost forget to tell you that my senior and I are joining a video contest about "peace" as the main issue. We made a video entitled "Peace Through Kindness". So please, please kindly check out our work through this link, and don't be hesitate to leave your comments and likes! 


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