10 June 2013

Happy Two Decades of Life (Part II)

Tadaa! still about my birthday vibe, people! haha. I decided to divide it into two posts since I thought that you can read it easily without being bored with too long article (haha no, the main reason is that yesterday afternoon I went to Yokohama to watch Firework party at night. It was sooo fun and amazing! I'll post the pics asap. i promise!) 

Like I've said in my previous post that I'm extremely happy to be here, surrounded by sooo many great and kind people from all around the globe. I don't know, but I could say that being here, and even could have a chance to celebrate my 20th birthday as well, are the things that formerly I'm not brave enough to imagine. In my fear, I tried to enroll a scholarship. And yes, the result is that now I'm here :)
Japan is not only a destination and not even my final goal. But it's my starting point, to dream a bigger dream.

June 3rd. Woke up in the morning, me the sleepy head was going downstairs to have breakfast along with the others in dorm's dining room. I was eating slowly since I felt like I wasn't awake yet haha. Then Hiroko, a sweet friend of mine gave me this snoopy letter! I know, it's super cute :)

I went back to my room and keenly replying the congratulations on my facebook page till not long after, someone knocked my room door. Voila! My energetic Whitney, the exchange student from Ohio, America was coming to my room with big smile on her face, congratulating me "Happy Birthday, Sabi-Chan!" and we ended up hugging each other. She gave me a beautiful Japanese traditional fabric, and wrote me a letter.. She's beyond sweetness :')

Yes, this letter written by Whitney really makes my day, even until now. And from this letter as well I entitled my blog post after :)

And here's the other gifts I received after class :) sooo happy!

From left to right: Batik wrapped gift from my Senior, Rini-Senpai (there's something uber cute in it)! , delicious Matcha snack from Machi-san, and yummy mister donut from Eri-san :) 

Cute Rillakuma pouch! >< Thank you mba Rini <3

Whitney's doughnut treat after class! :) Daisuki~ Thank you, Whitney!

Whitney, me and Eri-chan 

With Maru-chan and Eri-chan

(image courtesy: Whitney's facebook)

I always love surprises :) Got back from dining room for dinner and found something hanging on my door room. Then I opened it, and there was Cho-chan's handwriting in it ! I always love Cho-chan <3

a letter from Japan Pension Service for someone that turned twenty. There is a bundle of documents that I should fill, but since I'm quite not sure about how to fill it, I'll go to my campus office later to ask ;) 

Yeah, because my birthday was on Monday, and it was kinda impossible to celebrate it on that day, so we held a small but meaningful birthday party on last Friday Night, just like written on the white board. That's the white board in dorm's Piano Room, a room where we usually do many things together! (I'll show you the room on the next post)

These photos below were taken with Ruru's camera (exchange student from Taiwan), since I forgot to bring my camera. These are some pics of last Friday night at dorm's Dining Room! It was soooo fun!!
 (image courtesy: Ruru's Facebook page)

I'm glad I met them all :) they're best friends, family and EVERYTHING! <3

Like I've said for billion times. I'm grateful to be here.

There was the most heart touching moment. That was when the dining room was all dark and there came in front of me my birthday cake, and everybody was singing "Selamat Ulang Tahun". Yes in Bahasa! Yesss people! I'm feeling like I'm flying over happiness :') I was about to cry that time.. I didn't know at all when they practiced that song. It was a huge surprise! They sang it really good, and they must be trying so hard to memorize that song :)) 

Kyaaa! cuteness overload >< Birthday present from Ruru!  Love it :)

Cute card and Korean snack from Jung Woon (i-chan) :) me super likey!

Cute decorative soap and hair gum from Lucia! The attractive girl from Spain :) I looove her!

Yes, I guess enough for this birthday vibe post! 
I'm glad to be twenty, and I'm so ready to continue my life journey :)

Happy Monday,


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