09 June 2013

Happy Two Decades of Life (Part I)

Happy Sunday Good People! :)

I'm sooo sorry for not posting even a single in these several days *bowing* . Haha I know it sounds embarrassing since I boldly wrote "blogging regularly" as one of my June resolutions, but this week is an extremely busy week so yeah pardon me, I have no other choice but to pull myself to those college things that seized all my attention. So this week was kinda lots of assignments, weekly Kanji tests (every Thursday and Friday, whatta jackpots!) and I was struggling hard to think about my essay topic and tried to elaborate it so that I can continue to write it next week (y). As you can imagine, lots of works and things but I'm trying much to enjoy every single of them ;)

But fortunately, this week isn't all about that assignments and test thingies ! yeaaayy. Probably some of you already knew that on Monday (June 3rd) I turned TWENTY! yesss people, I'm not a TEENager anymore! Haha. I can't describe how I feel right now, but I feel like God loads me with tons of blessing day by day and you know, I can't even stop smiling ;) 

Many people kept on congratulating me this week, haha. Yes, I can even still feel my birthday vibe right now while I'm hitting my keyboard buttons to write this post, since this morning (again, still) I received a congratulation message from my Japanese friend! Yes, I'm beyond happiness that I could ever imagine!

So I'll show you the lovely things that I received on my birthday <3 My best mates made these for me and sent them via facebook! How I miss you guys...you never fail to amaze me. I don't know how many times I should thank you...

Below is a video directed by my forever buddy since Junior High School Daniar Prima and her college pal @Rijazjuz, compiling the photos of me (even the old ones), my high school honeys' wishes for me and some animations ! We've been friends for years and we'll still be friends FOREVER <3



And this one is a collage that I made from my facebook photos. My Super Gang in college made me these :') I really miss you guys! we were having so much fun and will still be having much more fun in advance <3 till we meet again, okay ?! Can't thank you enough for the wishes.. I can't wait for the date when we meet again and make some memories for our future.

And a collage photo made by my soul mate Ladycia Sundayra from Little Things, Big Experiences. We're friends since we were first grader in college. I share everything to her and we always exchange spirit for each other. I know, we will be the successful ones no matter how hard our path right now :') I miss you Mbok Gek..

I feel like I'm alive again, becoming the new me with bunches of new hopes from the people surrounding me. I never as exuberant as this.. :>
Yeah, I'll let the photos tell you how happy I am. Turning 20, celebrating birthday in a faraway land from my country, making new friends but still my years of friendships with my homeland buddies remain the same and even getting stronger and stronger every time... 

Really, God's plans are beyond my imagination. Yeah, I always imagine for something good to come but God always makes it better, way way better than my thought :) 



p.s.: Thank you very much guys for your birthday messages on facebook, twitter and path and everywhere ! They mean a lot to me ;)

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  1. percaya yang toefl nya selangit..haha
    tapi keren laaa Sensei..


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