10 June 2013

A Moment in Kamakura

Good Morning everybody! Are you ready for Monday? :)
I went to Kamakura last Saturday along with "Ryuugakuseikai" a student organization in my Uni, in which foreign students and Japanese students can actively participate in cultural understanding and talk about everything! I gained lots of  new friends through this organization :)

Here are some snaps of my Kamakura trip. Enjoy!

First destination: enjoying Matcha (Green Tea) in a Japanese house. The place that we're visiting in these first destination photos was really quiet. An extremely suitable place to enjoy green tea. 

I wondered how beautiful this place will be during autumn. I really can't wait for Momiji , the scarlet colored leaves on autumn to come.

A lovely violet Ajisai. I guess June is the season of Ajisai, there are lots of Ajisai here and there as long as I can see. So lovely, aren't they? :) 

My group :)

Tatami, Japanese traditional floor mat, made of straws. Tatami is the essential part in Japanese room, and it is treated specially also.

Below is my favorite shot during the tea serving. What a graceful gesture of a Japanese woman. She was serving us Wagashi or Japanese snacks/sweets before serving us tea.

The Japanese sweets. It tasted really sweet.

Yes, Matcha! Japanese green tea. See the tempting bubble on it! It was so delicious and heart warming. There is special way to drink it, and fortunately I joined in Sadou Bukatsu or Tea Ceremony Club in my uni so that less or more I understand the rule! :)

Again, that  graceful gesture that I always adore :)

So we spent about two hours in this area before we leave for the next destination. 

Next destination: Komachidori
Komachidori means "small town street". It was indeed a small street with lots of shops on the  right and left side of the street. You can find souvenirs shops, Japanese traditional sweets and snacks shops, Japanese letter and postcards shops, Ice cream  stalss and many more! 

We  decided to dropby to an Ice cream stall. Yes, hot weather and Ice cream are best friends since so long ago! :)

The yummy Cremme Brulle ice cream! Highly recommended ;)

The famous "Mameyasan" , a store of nut snacks. You can find many kinds of Japanese nut snacks here, or in Indonesia we usually call it "Kacang Atom" :D

Do you guys recognize that cute character beside me? :) yes, it's Totoro! 
We found Ghibli studio themed store at the end of Komachidori. So many cute and hilarious Ghibli things in it, as you can see some through these pics below ;)


In Japan, you can see many places provide free stamps for visitors, just like the ones below. En-chan got two stamps at Totoro store . She was so happy!

Heading to the station, time to end up our short trip in Kamakura.

Beautiful Ajisai along way back dorm :) Clear sky, clean road and fresh air.. Daisuki!

As soon as I entered my room, I opened this super spicy "Senbei", Japanese rice chips that I bought at Komachi-Dori. Kinda suddenly missing Indonesian super spicy chips, so that's why I bought this to satisfy my need of spicy snacks :p

This is "Saburee", Kamakura famous cookie. Maru-chan bought a box of this and she gave me one! :) Turned out it had been added to my favorite Japanese snacks lists as soon as I tried it! It costs about 850 Yen a box, consists of 8 cookies. Sure I'm gonna buy Saburee on the next occasion (y).

Yeah, it was so much fun even though Kamakura was loaded with flock of people here and there and I was only traveled to two places. Thank God, the weather was so good, as you can see the clear sky from the pictures but not to mention how hot it was. 

And do you know that Kamakura is famous for its big Buddha statue? I haven't got a chance to visit it, but in the near future I already planned a trip to Kamakura again, because visitting the Big Buddha is a must! haha. 

I promise I'll blog more about Kamakura on the upcoming post after my trip to Big Buddha realized (although I haven't planned the exact date but I will definitely visit it!). I'm so curious with that graceful big Buddha, it must be a worth visit spot for pictures taking and don't know why I'm so exuberant now as if I would go tomorrow, haha.

I think I'm in love with Kamakura! xx

Have a nice day,



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