28 May 2013

Keep The Distance Off

To me, one of the best helpings is not to burden anybody. I mean, when you can do something by your own effort, why you should bother anybody else for irrational thingies that only please you? 

Okay, perhaps you're now wondering why do I write such kind of thing in the beginning instead of giving salutation. Well, that's been my thought since sometimes ago and I haven't got the chance to share it with others. That thing always pops up in my mind when I feel bothered by somebody else who can easily ask (or even commanding) other people to do something just for the sake of him/her without even thinking other's feeling. Yeah, helping each other is good, it's a noble deed as long as the related ones are happy with what they're doing but sometimes the fact isn't as peaceful as that. 

I hope you guys aren't such kind of people. You know, people like that are the ones that I always keep the distance off or to be brief, they're the people that I dislike the most. I bet you're feel bothered too when you meet one like that. So the lesson is, don't be somebody that other people feel reluctant to meet to. Until now, I'm trying to be a better one to anybody and in anything. Every morning when I wake up, I always wish that today I will do the things better than I did before and always hang a bunch of hopes just to cherish myself. So yeah, from that 'morning ritual' I named my blog after! hehe.

Well, seems like my assignments are waiting for their turn to be accomplished so see you on the next posts! ^^

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