27 May 2013

Hi, I'm Shabrina!

Hi! So this is my first post, and as a new comer in blogger I think it's not too bad to introduce myself at first! :)

I'm Shabrina, a girl with tons of passions and always try to find a way to grab all that I want. Currently I'm living in Japan as an exchange student for 2 terms in Ferris University, Yokohama. Japan has been my big dream as a place to visit, whether for studying or travelling. And now finally I'm here after years of wanting and struggling about how to reach here by scholarship :) Thank God, You really make it happen. 

How time flies, it's gonna be my second month to live here. I still remember how my family and my friends all gathered in airport and we all shared goodbye hugs, giving support to each other sharing tears and laughter :'') (I think I'll post about it later 'cuz it needs a bigger space to share hehe)

Well, I think it's enough for a warming up and see you on the next posts. Have a blessed Monday, tough people!


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